slept for thee days now wide awake since four AM.

After my marvellous fish and chips on beach I have virtually slept for three days. Today I am seeing consultant and been awake since four. I had a funny turn last night, I showered and sat having a shave and went a bit wobbly Half way across landing had to get Heather to grab wheelchair I was using my Zimmer and knew I was not going yo make it. I sat in wheelchair with cold flannel on head not sure if I was feeling sick or just overheated? Eventually felt OK to get into bed. Had 4 hours sleep and wide awake. It must be the excitement of going to have my. MOT. Well I will let you all know what it was like when I get back. I do know I don’t like Gabapentin one week of it has been enough for me.

Wish me luck, if I am prescribed a miracle cure I will let you all know

Don that’s me all excited I hope I don’t wet myself oh I can’t I have got a catheter SILLY ME

Hope you feel better soon and that it goes well with the consultant. Jan

Thanks Jan XXX

Don, it might have been low blood pressure. Did you start to get tunnel vision and buzzing in the head? When I’m at a physical low through illness or over doing things my blood pressure can drop and I feel awful. I have to lie down, or I can pass out.

Meant to say, good luck fella!

Good luck Don! Sound like a meltdown to me. I get them. Like someone has pulled the plug out. Can’t even talk. They are quite scary I find. Sorry the Gabapentin wasn’t a success. Have you tried Amitriptyline? Pat xx

Hi Don

You must have needed the rest, hope its done you good.

Good luck with your appointment, let us know how it went.

Pam x

Don I agree, you must have needed the rest. I’m quite relieved to hear that someone else can sleep for the best part of 3 days. I have episodes where I sleep for days then have dizzy spells afterwards. Like Kev I think it’s a blood pressure drop following extreme fatigue. Hopefully with a good rest you’ll feel better soon. Good luck with the MOT, please let us know you get on. It’s a pity the Gabapentin doesn’t agree with you, I rely heavily on it but there are alternatives.

Cath xx

Saw him earlier and I am getting a scan to see the lesions and how they have progressed since my last one 15 years ago all in all that was the hi lite of the visit that and the conversation with the two young lady students. All in all not a lot of good, stay on the Gabapentin for another couple of weeks then see the MS Nurse. If the next two weeks are anything like the last week I will be ready for the knackers yard. If the Gabapentin has not worked next stop will be Baclofen pump but people I have spoken to recon it will be


Ahhh Don take it easy now. Hospital visits are always exhausting & even after years of experience we always hope for more than they can offer. Pat xx

Hi Don,

Time to rest now, sorry your appointment didn’t seem much, and hope that you can cope with another 2 weeks of gabapentin.

I think Pat has hit the nail on the head, cos we go to appointments so full of optimism and then are left feeling quite deflated.

Keep smiling Don.

Pam x

I always smile Pam it confuses people

Pat I know we expect more than we ever get, every day and ask is today the day I will be cured sadly I never am

Yep Amitriptyline has been tried Ideal for a sleeping tablet/painkiller but never helped in any other way.

Don sorry to hear your appointment didn’t give you the reason to celebrate as we all wish they’d do. At least they’re scanning you again to see what’s going on. Hope the Gabapentin makes a difference too.

Take care

Cath xx

Cath after twenty years I am past expecting any improvement but I am still I am a dreamer at heart.