Spring into summer is not the best time for sleep. Having fallen to a bit of a chill with the usual gastric consequences, the old body has done some fighting. The real rest has been elusive.

I’m now facing 3 weeks of chemotherapy over 6 weeks in the final push to shrink my tumour.

But last night, as well as substantial parts of yesterday, sleep was given to me.

Oh the relief. I’m just waiting for the chemo dates to come through. Hold on to your hats.

Best wishes to all.

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Hi Steve!

I wish you all the success in the world for your chemo treatment. I’m so glad that you finally got some well needed sleep - you must have been totally exhausted.

I’m keeping everything crossed for you, but you sound like a fighter which is half the battle won. I hope you continue to find sleep whilst you’re awaiting your chemo dates.

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Hi Steve Your positivity is amazing considering all you’re currently going through. Adequate sleep is so important, but it’s also the quality of the sleep that determines how you feel, and that’s obviously good at present. I’m looking forward to going to bed soon as it’s cooler tonight which helps me, does it affect you too? Good luck with your chemo. Good night and take care of yourself. Cath x

I hope it goes well for you Steve, I always admire you , I love hearing all of your adventures, even when things aren’t great you have a way of seeing the good and you will make it into a good blog. Michelle and Frazer xx