Yes, in the current political climate, my head is definitely in the sand.

I’m now being selfish and thinking about me. I’ve just had one of six chemotherapy sessions. Of course, I will still send the love to the fabulous forum friends.

Hope you are all keeping your head above the deluge.


Good luck with your treatment, Steve - hope it goes well. xxx

Hi Steve

Hope the chemo does the trick and gets rid of the cancer for you.

Stay strong

Pam x

Hi Steve. You have the right attitude. You have enough on your plate without worrying about anyone else. Fingers crossed the chemo works for you and you get the all clear. Take care of yourself. Cath x

Aww Steve , you are one of the most inspiring people on here , we all understand if you might not write as much . I hope the Chemo is nearly over for you . Michelle and Frazer xx