What next/

Hello from a sunny Crowborough.

The end of the chemo has coincided with a busy, jolly weekend. How strange life is.


I wish you the very best in the coming weeks Steve. Your humour and wit in these situations is admirable. X

Hi Steve

Glad the chemo has finished for you and I hope the ‘next bit’ will be good news, you certainly deserve some.

Enjoy your birthday.

Pam x

It’s good to hear that you are getting out Steve, I find most people are polite and pleasant with me when I wait for them to pass although me and Frazer go much faster than most people , I always have my wheel chair in full speed . The last time I was on a narrow pavement under the Frodsham bridge I ran over Molly’s foot trying to get out of the way of an impatient person charging towards me . Usually I smile and keep going saying " Wide load " coming through, people are usually pleasant and move out of the way, occasionally you will get some dirty looks but I’m sure they wouldn’t like a heavy wheelchair running over them . Michelle and Frazer xx