Things are different

I’m not sure how I feel about the new me. It made a big difference to my last trip.

Perhaps a banana board is now standard equipment?

The consultant I saw last Monday had assumed I’d started my radiotherapy. I haven’t.

Who’s running the show?

Here’s the trip.

Best wishes.

Love it Steve. Love love love it. Your writing is incredibly visual. I feel like I’m sitting near you, observing what you’re describing. I am also in awe of your capabilities. Your bravery and determination to venture out into the world (outside of the safety of where you reside, the actual building) aside from the fact that you’re not long out of hospital and some serious surgery. You’d definitely be someone I’d like as a friend.

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Loved reading it Steve , I felt sorry for you with the taxis, I’ve had similar said to me …“your chair is too heavy” it’s as if they are too busy to inconvenience themselves with fastening me in and maybe they don’t want dog hairs , …but why would you have a wheelchair sign if you can’t take a wheelchair??. I hope the radiotherapy treatment goes well for you and that you can still manage to smile and have some adventures. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Steve

Brilliant read, I felt so drawn in as though I were there with you, that’s down to your amazing use of words, thank you.

Hope the treatment goes well, make sure you keep your humour, I am sure it will help.

Pam x


i guess the sign really means manual chair. the only taxi locally that can take me on powerchair is no longer in business due to own own ill health.

getting anywhere on my own is so hard. thank goodness for buses-tho if pram/buggy onboard-argh dont get me started!



your writing always helps me raise a smile!

powerchairs on trains/buses!

you are one heck of a man me thinks.

ur writing reaches out to so many-thanks-i wish you stronger/better health.


I think there are a lot more taxis that can take a power chair maybe not a scooter but definitely a power chair. Mine is a salsa quickly mini’s heavier much heavier than a manual chair because of the batteries but a lot if the taxis around Chester and Frodsham area are ones that could be used as motability cars on the wav scheme . Michelle and Frazer xx