A recent jolly. The wheelchair rocks.

Hello good people.

I’ve just shifted heaven and earth to get to a wedding. In fact the initial monstrous machinations are evolving into a more well oiled machine.

In fact I’m going again next week.

Best wishes.


Lovely blog (as always) Steve, thanks. It’s amazing how our ‘home towns’ have changed over the years, I miss some little individual shops selling all kinds of Nik naks and the like. I suppose in Stroud we are luckier than most, our town is only small and we have no large Compaines, so some little ones have hung on, but we have the obligatory pound shop together with a myriad of estate agents!

Glad the wedding went well, and hopefully the next adventure will as well.

Pam x

I’ve only just read this Steve, I’ve been so preoccupied with sorting carers. As always it’s a brilliant blog . Your adventurous spirit inspired me. Have you ever been on the Liverpool eye? I’d really love to go on it. Do they allow wheelchairs on it?? I think Frazer would like to go on it too. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile phone

Good on you Steve. Life goes on. Getting out & about.

I’m dreading the idea of being in a wheelchair. It shows the strength in character. Crack on…

Best regards Terry

Hi Terry

Please don’t be in fear of using a wheelchair…it is just another tool to use to keep your independence, honestly.

Pam x


I’m in no fear, I’m just not in the wheelchair yet. I wont be pushed into one either. Or pushed in one.

If we all do what others recommend. We’d all be in a mess. I know what being in a wheelchair is like & it’s tough.

The world isn’t designed to cater for wheelchairs & it makes the people in one, very resilient. I’m already hyper resilient.

There’s problems & they can all be fixed. Steve going to multiple weddings is testament to human drive.

We should all try to make the most of life. If others help, great. If not, fine.

Folks with disabilities are immensely misunderstood & taken advantage of by some. I witness the worst & disappear.

Take care Pam.


I wasn’t pushed into using a wheelchair Terry, it was purely MY decision to either stay at home and vegetate, or use one and keep my freedom and independence. My children were small and I wanted to be able to take them places and not miss out on having a life, but my legs and body would not behave.

it was a good decision I made back then, my children had so many life experiences that they would have missed out on if I had made the opposite choice.

You may never be in that position of needing a wheelchair, fingers crossed that your ms behaves…but if you do…it is just a tool to keep your independence and freedom.

Take care

Pam x


Good on you Pam. Keep active & do stuff. Life goes on.

Now I’m not listening to know it alls, I’m going to jump in my car & buy a bottle of milk for multiple brews.

Look after yourself.