Life gets harder


Last week was a hard one. This week may be even worse. As a teacher, I used to look at December wondering how on earth we were going to get through it. Times have changed.


Steve I wish there was something I could say that would improve your week. Are you finished with the chemo now? I can’t work the dates out, sorry!!! I’m quite brain dead at the moment! I hope things pick up for you, though I imagine you’ll need time to recover. Have they suggest you try a tonic? I had a serious infection a few years ago lost a lot of weight and was so weak I could hardly move. I took Metatone, an over the counter syrup you can get at the pharmacy. My daughter has just come out of hospital with Quinsy and she has chronic fatigue syndrome and says it’s helping her. Don’t want to preach but it may help.

I think your decision to get a carer in the mornings is a good idea. Once you feel stronger you could reassess the need, but if you’re anything like me, mornings and late nights are the worst and when I’m most likely to fall. I’ve had to promise my family I’ll always use the stair lift and carry my mobile in my pocket then - just in case. The fact you’re not expending all your energy getting ready to face a day you become too tired to enjoy should help you too.

Take care Steve


Hello Cath.

Thank you for your kind reply. My last chemo was on Wednesday. On Friday, under the watch of a district nurse, I transferred easily from bed to chair. (???) The same today. I’ve started to take a daily tea infusion supplied by a chef called Danny McDonnell. people more energy. It could well be a keeper for me. It’s helped others through their chemo and given others more energy; people with under-active thyroids etc.

So, I’ve had a bit more energy yesterday and today. Today is the second half of party time-end of chemo and my 64th.

It’s all adrenaline.

Steve x

Have a great day, Steve. Will you get to see your Rose?

That tea sounds promising Steve.

Pam x

Aww Steve I felt so sorry for you . It must have been frustrating for you lying on the floor in a heap while they go through all of the numbers to ring . I hope you are feeling a bit better now you have finished your chemo. Do you get to choose your carer? I have an agency to help with my house work on a Monday. They send the same ladies every Monday and they are lovely . My sister helps too . I get Direct payments and I can choose my carers . I hope that you manage to go on some more adventures next year, I always love hearing about your travels. Michelle and Frazer xx

Happy birthday Steve, enjoy it!!

Cath x