What can you do when life gets to hard

What can you do when you feel life is just getting to hard

Hello fingers 66 , I’m Michelle and I find coming on here helps tremendously, I don’t always know how to cope but the advice on here and the understanding and the great sense of humour has always helped me. I still have sad days and days where I don’t feel I want to do this any more but I feel as if I’m with a group of friends who understand and although we all experience things differently we are in the same club. Michelle and Frazer xx

When I have days like that I just think to myself " there’s people worse off than i am" then come on the forum and after 10 minutes or so I pick myself up and crack on. I am also lucky that I have a wife who can spot my mood swings far quicker than I can even after living with my bi polar she has plenty of experience of spotting it.


Nice quiet room, soothing music on radio and sleep. A power nap never does you any harm.

Chin up


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Rest and relaxation. I don’t know your circumstances but it’s so necessary.

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It might sound a bit strange but when i am feeling really bad i make a list and write down all the things i can still do and all the things i have to be thankful for and it makes me realise that i can still do quite a bit.Writing it down makes me realise more and it really does seem to help me cope a bit better.


I watch cartoons & think, they never end. So I do like the others do & buy some toys. Anything to take the mind out of it’s dark place. MS makes you resiliant. Just stay away from others with problems & sort yourself out. Take it easy out there. Terry

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go/stay in bed. watch crap tv/films, eat chocolate with ice cream and sleep…tomorrow is another day…


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stop. take a deep breath and carry on…


There are days when the crap just seems too much and I have to say I am having such a day. ‘This to will pass’ and then Diana Ross ‘Chain Reaction’ VERY loud. M x

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