Been depressed and needing help please

It has been a long time since I have posted online and I hope that someone can please give me a little bit of help or something. The majority of people who know me call me Jen and I used to be a very happy go lucky person but not now. Over the past couple of weeks I have became numb over various parts of my body and it is scaring me senseless, I don’t have a neuro appointment until 5th August and it feels as if it is years away and I just need someone to talk to about this. I don’t have anyone who I can talk to about anything about this crap disease and I don’t suppose I have ever accepted that I even have it myself, if accept is a word to use for it.

I know I am waffling and I am sorry for that, but I suppose I am kind of at the end of my tether and I really don;t know what to do and I just need a bit of help and someone to tell me that I am not going off my head or something as that is what I feel as if I am doing. I am trying to be brave for everyone, although it really is not working, when I say everyone, I mean my son and my parents and my brother and I can’t be brave any more. All I want to do is cry and cry and cry as I feel so helpless now.

Sorry I think I have went on long enough and I wouldn’t blame anyone for not answering this message as it is so down, but if there is anyone out there who could please answer me to help me I would be really grateful.


Jen xx

Hi Jen, not really got any sensible advise for you, but just wanted to let you know you’re not alone in wanting to cry, cry, cry, but sometimes it’s a good thing to do as it release some of the pressure we all suffer with. Apologies it’s a late reply, and hope you’re feeling a bit more chirpy now.

Hi Jen, I’ve seen your post from July and just wondering if you feel better. I hope you do! I am very new here, both on this site and England too. Moved here from Canada few weeks ego.

Please let me know how are you feeling.

Diana xox

Hi Jen, I’m very sorry it looks as if your post was overlooked. It’s possible that you posted during the upgrade of the site and things were a bit crazy on here.

I hope you’re doing ok now?

Hi Diana, and welcome. Thanks for flagging up post from Jen.

Hope you are settling in. That’s one hell of a move! Hope you’ll come back on here. We’re normally a very supportive group and I’m so sorry Jen’s post got overlooked.

Pat xx

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Hi Jen

what a tough time you are having- it is difficult to make many positive suggestions except to say that pretty well everyone on this board knows exactly how you feel, and we sympathise most deeply. I think Pat is right about why your original post got missed. We had a big forum upgrade in July and there was chaos for a while, the main effect being that people were unable to log on.

anyway, please keep dropping in and sharing your worries with us, there is a lot of practical advice to be had too. Also, we have fun, believe it or not!

and hi Diana, too.

Kev x


hope Jen is doing ok now, and doesnt feel that we ignored her

also welcome Diana,hope you are starting to settle here.

J x


Hi Jen

Try and stay strong. I’ve been feeling much the same way off and on recently; that horrible feeling of helplessness that just gnaws away at any shreds of confidence we are lucky enough to have.

As others has said, this forum certainly helps. You’re not alone. Chin up



Welcome Jen and Diana to our “gang” where you will find lots of very useful information, from a lovely bunch of people.

Sorry your post was not answered, lots and lots of us could not log on due to all the gremlins on the new site.

Pam x


Hi Jen and Hi Diana and welcome to the gang Jen depression with illness is not uncommon so dont feel you cant talk about it I maintain the best two tablets in my arsenal are the antidepressants and they beat pain killers for me. My other thing I do is smile when people come in expecting me to be full of doom and gloom. I love to see the confused look on peoples faces.