Getting some help

I have to admit iv’e not felt good recently, so tired and a bit of the anxiety and depression creepng back in, so iv’e not been on the forum as much…I had a major panic when the renewal for pips came on Monday but Iv’e been told that the welfare in cheshire can help and iv’e been sent back my original application from 2 years ago so I can copy most of that, I was really impressed by the DLA lady i spoke to she was very reassuring and sent my old form back the next day. Does anyone else feel overwhelmed? I think its been hard with having the big summer hols and Molly needing lots of support.

Michelle x

Hi Michelle,

I am beginning to think its all part and parcel of ms to have anxiety and depression. I have really dark days which I can’t cope with much but I have really good days as well when I can cope with anything life throws at me.

My oldest daughter is going through a lt of crap just now with problems that her x partner has left her to sort out. She had a meltdown on the phone last night and I was able to support her calmly and reassure her she was doing a good job in the circumstances. I felt drained afterwards but I felt good that I can still be their for her. I wish I could do more but I lot of it is out of my hands and this is going to go on for a long time to come.

I am glad you are getting help with PIP. Mine seems to be sorted for the moment.

Michelle you are doing a wonderful job with Molly. I only see my grand kids for a couple of hours at a time and I am whacked at the end of the visit.

Mags xx


Hi Michelle, i agree with Mags, you doing a brilliant job dealing with all that you do,its no wonder you feel like you do,i am just the same as you at the moment, as you know dealing with my daughter and all her problems, as well as my own, and i feel totally overwhelmed and so very ill with it all. i had to fill all the ESA forms in a few week back i had to do them twice as i made a mess 1st time, i got myself into a right old state, then i had my daughters affairs to sort,few days after,and now i am having to have a tooth out and a biopsy,and its way too much for me.

Try to make time for yourself each day,and just take one day at a time, easier said than done i know.


J x

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Hi Michelle

Please don’t beat yourself up, you are doing a fantastic job, a lot better I suspect that I could do, I am sure, and on top of that you are dealing with your own problems.

I am going through CBT at the moment, and the lovely lady I see tells me that I am wayy too hard on myself, and have become angry with not being able to make my body do things it can’t, so I am passing her advice on to you.

She says be kinder to yourself, and not to give yourself a hard time when things are, or appear more difficult than usual, and remind yourself that it is your MS being annoying, not you. I do hope this somehow makes sense to you, it rings so true to me when she is explaining.

I know your situation is different, but please take one day at a time, be kind to yourself, and if possible, give yourself some well earned “me time”


Pam x

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Thank you Pam,

It really helps reading everyones messages, I feel that iv’e been more stressed and anxious than usual and feel a real knot of fear in my stomach, Iv’e been crying a lot more recently and worrying more Thanks for the good advice from your cbt its a while since iv’e had cbt but my counsellor used to say very similar things.

Michelle x

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Thanks Mrs J,

I know things have been so hard for you too…I hope things sort out with your daughter, she doesn’t know how lucky she is to have you, and i hope you go on okay with your biopsy, you are so kind and your messages really help.

On a positive note I’m off to the hospital with Rochelle, oldest daughter to see my identical twin granddaughters at her 20 week scan on Friday.

Michelle x

Thanks Mags,

All part of the ms…I hate feeling this way the wobbly legs and fatigue are bad but the depression and anxiety are the worst thing for me. Iv’e stopped my cbt a few months ago and no longer take antidepressants as i hated the side affects, so probably my own fault. I don’ think ill have a problem with the pips, if anything its more obvious now but i just start getting scared in case I cant manage the forms and lose my car and hoist and every thing i need as a wheelchair user …daft I know!

Thanks or your kind words.

Michelle x

oh wow Michelle how will be able to see your little twin grandaughters,bet you are so excited,and just wait until they are born,its the best feeling ever being a grandma,it really is such a special time.

J x