Still facing the wall

Hello folks.

Phew, this is hard going. Can’t I just wake up at 8.30 feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep?

Well, no! We have to play the game. It’s hilarious: “But you look so well.” I may do but I’d like to get back to my premier league of life as opposed to languishing in the league two of fatigue.

I’m pleased to be getting through the cancer ordeal. I’ve got scans early next month and the oncologist will meet the surgeon to decide the correct course of action. The milder weather is helping. And Tranmere is in the league 2 play-off finals on Saturday. You have to love a team with a manager called Micky Mellon.

Best wishes.


Take it easy out there Steve. We don’t do disableds in here. News of the day.

This weather we’ve been having is awesome. Use it or lose it dude.

Good luck with stuff & keep stuffing your immune system with tasty treats.

All the best.


Steve I wish you the best of luck with your coming scans. I also get frustrated with the “you look so well, please will you just …”. To be fair, not many people understand just how debilitating fatigue is. I was a nurse in my previous life and although we had lectures etc on fatigue I imagined it couldn’t be worse than how I felt after a run of 7 x 12 hour night shifts. Boy was I wrong. I’ve described it to my friends and family and of all of them I think my mum’s the only one just starting to get the full picture. I think my daughter understands but then she does things like take me for granted and I get upset as she obviously thinks I’m exaggerating or she clearly has no consideration for me. It hurts a lot and I hope it’s because she doesn’t understand, not the alternative. Does anyone else feel like that, or is it just me and my low self confidence? Take care Cath


Hi Cath

You are not on your own how you feel, I feel exactly the same. Family and friends just do not realise just how bad fatigue is, if they have never experienced it, and I hope they never do. Trouble is it makes us feel like we are being taken for granted…and that hurts, although I don’t think they mean that to happen.

I’m waffling on here Cath, but I just wanted you to know you are not alone with that feeling, so for all of us chin up and carry on, we all understand.

Pam x


This is the beast messing with your head.

The fact is, like some other conditions, our body is constantly fighting itself. Even when we’re asleep.

A disbelieving attitude from others can leave us so frustrated. We don’t exaggerate; far from it. I always carry a little glimmer of hope in my pocket. You never know.

This is no time to stop; just take it easy.



Hi all this is my first post and was wondering

Have any of you been left out of the family unit due to ms and it’s terrible symptoms

Hi Clamity

First of all welcome to our club, the club no one wishes to join, but we are here and try to get on with things best we can.

I think sometimes family and friends don’t know what to say and find it easier to say nothing, which hurts. It almost makes us feel invisible, although they don’t do it on purpose. Perhaps it would help to try and have a chat to them and explain how this makes you feel.

It maybe a good idea to start a new post about this. If you go to the top of the page and click on new thread and type a message more people will see it. Hope this helps.

Pam x