Balancing the good and bad

Hello good people.

This is the only platform where I’m sharing my current cancer health issues. I do this because I know you understand. And I know you will understand why I’m sharing this blog. it’s rather important.

Best wishes.

Aww Steve so lovely to read , whatever you have going on in your life you are so full of adventures and have some lovely friends. It’s those magic times that keep us going even when we may be facing sad things and hardships and tragedy. After recently losing my Dad I’ve clung on to the friends that laugh with me and cry with me , the ones that will listen to hours about nonsense , the ones at the drop of a hat will be there to fill the gaps . I’m humbled by the kind words in my cards people who didnt even know Dad but are therr to pull me out of despair. Itss funny people say life is a rich Tapestry, it really is Steve and what ever you face Steve , the good the bad and the ugly, you will live life to the full and always have an adventure to tell us. Michelle and Frazer xx


Love reading what you write Steve. Wishing you all the best. X Good to see you on here again Michelle.

Really enjoyed your blog Steve, you have lovely friends and wonderful memories, all helps during hard times.

Take care and keep being adventurous Steve.

Pam x

Steve I’m so sorry I must have missed the post you wrote about having cancer

I’m so sorry you’re going through this too! I’ve been having various treatments over the last 18 months, so far nothing has worked for me but I’m ever hopeful!

My latest treatment is immunotherapy and my oncologist thinks I am the first person in the UK with MS to have this drug, Kaytruda. I was told it could make my MS worse but that was a risk I felt I should take.

I’ve had four treatments so far, it’s every three weeks for two years, and it certainly has made my MS elf go into overdrive but I’m clinging to the fact that Jimmy Carter had this treatment after all else failed for him and that was when the drug was in its infancy and he is still going strong.

I’m so sorry you have to suffer this, please let us know how you are getting along with tests and treatments etc in the meantime take care of yourself.

Love Nina x

Also enjoyed your blog (but had to skim read it a bit, as I have a filthy headache) also sorry to hear what you’re going thru, support from friends really can help keep you going. Please take good care of yourself too.

Sonia x

I have joined this site because I have PPMS and was hoping to join the campaign to get Ocrevus available on the NHS talk about fighting a losing battle!

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