I'm chewing the bed post

Hello peeps.

It’s late but I’m bubbling. In 1987, after an action-packed, hectic year I was waiting the last few days before taking a flight to Australia. My stomach churned over those days, screaming in anticipation for that take-off on the runway. I was unbearable. On Wednesday, I will have the same feeling leaving Maidstone hospital after the final session. I’d better not scream else the driver has a shock and careers into Tesco’s. But you know what I mean. I’ll try to sleep now.


Oh bless you Steve. I’m glad you’re going for the last session now. You’ve had more than your fair share of “procedures” and treatments. It just isn’t fair when we have to endure ms and all the strife that it brings with it, to have other issues flung our way too. Wishing you the very best. Onwards and upwards now. x

Good luck with it all Steve. Soon be through it. Anne x

Hi Steve You’ve nearly cracked it I am so pleased for you that it’s coming to an end. Onwards and upwards now. Pam x

I hope Wednesday went well Steve , today is Thursday so hopefully you are having a nice rest. Just think you will soon be planning all of your adventures again and visiting your friends and family . Love Michelle and Frazer xx

I usually find chewing the table leg helps me a lot.

Hi everyone - I’m intrigued - last session of what? Sorry I am new to this. I have known for a long time I have had something (many things!) wrong but have only recently had a diagnosis of PPMS - and although I started off up-beat and saying positive things (mainly to my husband as I haven’t told the rest of the family yet) today is not a good day. I have had surgery on one knee which has become unstable and the other one needs to be replaced aswell, but it’s the concrete legs that are getting to me. A few months ago I found I couldn’t lift a leg to get into the over bath shower or stand on a chair - now I feel like I am dragging them around. I have been using crutches since 2015 - my arms often feel heavy too. I guess my main emotion right now is fear.

Juniper, keep trawling through the various posts and you’ll get the hang of things. There’s quite a few regulars on here that share the various day to day events in our lives. In case Steve doesn’t get back to this thread for a while, he’s had recent prostate and bowel surgery and the treatment we refer to is the weeks of daily commute for chemo and radiotherapy. He’s a man with a great ability to write and his perseverance is inspirational.

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Thanks Poppy6488 I will scroll back, what a lot to have to through with MS on top.

Yep. We all have a story to tell. Ms doesn’t care who it visits and mother nature decides sometimes that it isn’t enough to contend with!

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Hi Steve.

Sorry, I’ve been offline for a while. I hope you’re at home, feeling better and getting rest. It’s really unfair how some people go through life with clean bills of health and the rest of us get bombarded with everything going. Fingers crossed you’ve had your quota of problems now and you can just manage the ms. Take care.