Very Wobbly

I’ve done too much…had too much fun, too many adventures this week now I’m paying for it, the bit of useful mobility I had in my home has reduced I can’t stop falling which is giving the kitchen fitters a shock. Usually I can wall walk inside but today I’m going to be stuck crawling. It scares me because I think one day I’ll have to use the wheelchair inside as well as outside. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile phone

I feel for Michelle. I’m in the same boat.

I did buy some awesome stockings. Not sure why, but they seem to support my legs & stop the throbbing pain. I’m a man wearing stockings & it feels quite kinky. After my operation on Monday, I was given some to wear. I’ve since brought myself some. It makes me laugh seeing all the hand prints around the walls.

Chin up & crack on. I’m still using the Vicks & I swear it’s having positive results.

Drink plenty of water & keep cool. I can’t eat for a week & folks are tormenting me with steak.

Best regards Terry

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Hi Michelle

I feel for you, it’s so annoying how ms always rears its ugly side just because we have been enjoying ourselves, a real bummer.

Time to rest, rest and rest some more, drink plenty and check in case you have an underlying infection, as that usually causes problems.

Hope you feel better soon, take care and listen to your body, (((hugs)))

Pam X

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How dare you have fun and enjoy yourself Michelle !!! really feel for you as we cant have a good time without ‘payback’ its just not fair at all,just rest as much as you possibly can this weekend.Hope you feel better soon.

J x

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Sorry darling, every good thing has a cost XXX


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It may be hard but think of how you enjoyed yourself.

MS doesn’t enjoy itself, it’s just bitter and spiteful.

We are better.

Woof. x