Mrs Positive takes a day off

I have always tried to take a positive approach to life even after getting the dreaded diagnosis. But it’s all getting a bit much. Since my hospital trip my knee is still swollen and painful and has given way a couple of times dumping me on the floor. Because it happened so quickly I don’t think it is an MS symptom, more likely an injury. However it is a challenge to get anyone to see past the MS. I have a neuro physio appt today so I am hoping something good comes of that.

I’m now effectively housebound and it’s really difficult to get around indoors. I have bought a rollator, just haven’t got round to using it outside yet. I am keeping everything crossed that this is fixable.

Wish me luck peeps.


I’m sorry to hear about this persistent cause of your falls. It’s a real confidence sapper when you’re not sure if you can get from one point to another without fear of falling. I hope the neurologist will understand your feelings about it. My knee joints haven’t sent me crashing to the ground since last May. Hopefully you’ll be referred to physio or elsewhere for further help.

Best wishes, Steve.

Thanks Steve.

​Physio thinks I have a possible tear in my cartilage and has got me an urgent referral. He totally understood how worried I was and reassured me that this was ‘fixable’ although it might take a bit of time. I am happy with that and just pleased that I wasn’t deluding myself.

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Hi Seabird

Glad you have something positive regarding your knee, gives you a boost to be told its something fixable.

It’s so easy to put everything down to ms, but the medics should look ‘outside the box’ also, lucky your physiological has done that.

Hope you get an appointment quickly, and start some treatment for fixing it.

Pam x

  • should say physio…not physiological , sorry.

Pam x

Hope you’re feeling better soon.

Hugs and good wishes,

Pat xx

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