At last I’m getting to see a physio, I had one two years ago and because they didn’t know what was causing my problems they took it off me supposedly because it was thought it may do more harm so now two years on at last the ot who is in charge of adapting our house has referred me again…I got a phone call this morning from a neuro physio he asked me how often i was falling and since its every day several times a day he said i was a priority… I’m lucky iv’e not broken anything as Im not fragile and I always know i’m gonna fall so good at landing except outside iv’e hurt my knees a few times trying to get up the garden.

Michelle x

Hi Michelle,

Wow 2 years for a Physio appointment that’s rubbish! Glad you have one now. I hope your Physio is as good as mine. I found mine so empowering and enthusiastic.

Snowqueen x

That’s good news Michelle, I haven’t had a fall for a while now but I only do about twenty steps a day now. Used to spend a lot of carpet time contemplating the meaning of life

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Thats great - hope it will be very beneficial to you. l have had several one-to-one Pilates lessons. Which made such a difference to me. l find l can fit different exercises in during the day - just doing normal things - but doing them better.

l have an appointment at a rehab place in B/ham next week - and l have waited over two years for this appointment - it is to see if l am suitable for a FES. lt is quite a long journey to get there - and l have to be there for 10am. So l shall not be eating or drinking before l go as l do not want to risk an ‘accident’.

Make a note of the different exercises you get to do - so that you can follow them at home.

Thanks Snowqueen,

it has been a long time, i think sometimes when you haven’t got a proper diagnosis you can slip through the system, i’m hoping things move forward quickly now…deep down i’d dearly love them to teach me a technique so i could walk again, i want the the lot i’d love to be able go on walks with my son again and to be able to walk into the village again…people say use it or lose it… I was wobbly for along time i just put it down to having low iron, but then the lot went, so i didn’t have a choice it was a case of embrace the wheelchair or face a life indoors.

Michelle x

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Thanks for your message Don,

20 steps a day… that must be hard… were you very active before you got ill?.. I’m still able to walk around the house with support, and can still crawl up the stairs and come down on my bum, …outside the house I cant walk even a few steps without falling…, i’d be stuck inside without my chair, Lee worries that i’ll damage my knees, i use the furniture to get around, but i fall a lot once i’m tired, my balance is very bad if the children or Frazer nudge me or even walk past me i’ll usually fall. The jelly legs is the worst, once that feeling comes over me iv’e no chance. when i was at my worst i couldn’t stand at all so this isn’t too bad.

Michelle x

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Thanks Spacejacket,

I hope it all goes well for you at Birmingham.

Michelle x

Thats good .that you are getting to see a physio. i had a 6 week session a few years ago, with one and she was great.she taught me how to do pilates based exercise which make your core strength stronger,very simple and easy to do but very effective,after doing them i can stand better for a bit longer, i keep forgetting to do them i was doing them every day to begin them but like most things let it slip.writing this has made me promise to do them again,we will see lol.

J x

As l only drive around a rural village - mostly one-track lanes. l was concerned about driving all the way into Birmingham - especially early in the morning with rush-hour/school etc traffic. So Thursday evening l did a ‘dummy run’ and tested out the sat nav. Found it - and - not far from Cadbury’s World!! So l shall be feeling a bit more confident about the journey on Tuesday. Plenty of disabled parking bays in the car park. lf l am assessed as being suitable for a FES - l bet l will not get the funding.