Been dx 2.5 yrs, full time wheelie already. Hate it that I can’t stand even for a few seconds without falling and now really worried cos when I sit without back and side supports I keel over to one side or backwards. Anyone else get this?

Hate this friggin disease. My past life was happy and sporty and successful. What have I become?

And what about my family? They shouldnt have to see me like this.

Sorry for rant, don’t mean to bring anyone down.

I’m sorry to hear about your worsening symptoms. There’s nothing I can say that will ease this but just wanted you to know that I read your post and really feel for you. You’re right, it is an awful illness and I hope you get some answers.

Min x

Yes I get all this. Okay in the morning - but very compromised. Cannot walk without aids in the afternoon. Normally bedridden so I can be safe and not fall over. Had too many falls lately and still recovering.

I am sorry for your situation and it is an incredibly difficult thing to accept. It took me a long time to accept. I cannot believe most of the research goes into rrms. I understand the majority of people are in this group but too bad for those with ppms (it is so much worse) - I guess it is in the too hard basket.

Try and stay as strong as u can. Crap about all the exercises and keeping fit - you cannot do alot with ppms, especially when you keep falling over and cannot balance.

Keep well!

Thanks min x

I disagree about the value of exercise and it sounds like some work with a decent physio might improve your core support. The MS Trust has a useful book online that contains quite a few chair based exercises, which could help.


Thanks to everyone. Was pi**ed off with falling all the time and find it difficult to exercise. Surprised at how rapidly the disease has gotten hold of me and wonder how bad its gonna get.

I got an inflatable exercise ball to strengthen my core muscles. Was doing really well until my balance got the better of me and I fell backwards onto my head. My daughter deflated and confiscated it. I keep meaning to get the Wii fit out, I wonder if I’ll manage that with my stick.