Falling all over the place.

Hi there folks. Been falling all over the place & getting odd looks from the locals. They just assume I’m drunk or on drugs & the idiots advise in doing so, so I can say that’s the problem. What a dumb suggestion that is.

Walk around with a Marijuana T-shirt on & a bottle of Jack Daniels in the town centre.

I have Multiple Sclerosis you morons.

Choosing to stay in & jam in my recording studio is wrong apparently.

Invite a load of strangers around & loan them equipment. They’ll be your friends. Them type of friends, I avoid like the plague.

The MS has been causing me so many problems just lately & the majority has been caused by others stupidity.

To be a social person, we have to announce to others what the problem is. Then comes the bombardment of their problems.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I’m getting so weak, I just feel like giving up. Yet I keep making silly plans & sticking to them. Pushing myself, to prove I live alone & do it my way. They would do it far differently. Even with no clue what MS actually causes.

The cognition, cramps, shaking, weakness & dizzy ness is nothing. Look at me!

I’ve got the Troll Hunters on TV. What an awesome animation. Escapism!

Hi Terry

This is so unlike you, you are always so upbeat and positive, I wonder if you have an infection brewing, as that makes symptoms worse quickly?

Or as Jackie says, could it be to do with your experimenting diet? Whatever it is I hope you feel better soon.

Take care Terry, let’s hope tomorrow will be kinder to you.

Pam x

I’ve had the problems I have for quite a while (years!) I just hide them, to keep the scum bags away. Not so easy when they have problems & head in my direction. It’s always money & I must be faking the problems.

My diet is awesome & If anything, I’m pushing myself to much. Purely because I’m apparently lazy. Yet I do more in a day, than the morons do in a week.

The Neurologist refuses to see me, because I reject any medication & the GP just dishes anything out like candy.

I can live with the pains & problems. I just struggle to cope with others.

Dishonest, conniving, narcissists. I see their plots a mile off & I’m selfish for not wanting their help.

I’ve been sleeping a lot, hoping it stops, but it seems worse when I wake.

Walking is becoming a joke. I can walk a bit & then everything starts going haywire. My left leg is throbbing beyond my pain threshold. Time for a honey & lemon drink & a game of invisible football.

Hi puddle it’s not easy is it for years I hid my ms from everybody including the gp I worked in farming so spent most off my working life alone so got away with it with just some funny looks when I lost my balance and staggered about a bit

It stopped in 2013 everything finally went wrong flashing lights splitting headache double vision numb legs up to the knees

My wife took me to gp he checked me out decided I had a brain anureism immediately told my wife to get me in the car and sent me to hospital quick as possible after four months you have multiple scerosis mr hillybilly and followed the prognosis

Witch I didn’t like so I didn’t tell my wife till 2 years later witch was stupid

I have interests witch gives me things to do but I have to watch and not overdo things I keep my diet as healthy as I can and eat food I enjoy I take some vitamins and cbd oil witch has settled my bladder down and helps me relax like others have said

Have a look at your diet maby cut back on the iodine and things .

Take care buddy

Hi there dude. I figured out what it was. This cold snap & overheating was the cause of my problems. Do too much & the body overheats. Remove layers & nap. Then wake freezing. It’s been all over the place.

The constant sarcasm from folks, can grind sometimes. I’m all for a bit of banter, but when causing issues, get lost.

Someone who was diagnosed 40 years ago, doesn’t make them an expert. Claiming superior knowledge on medication is irrelivant to me, because I refuse to take any. It made things a lot worse with me, so I steer clear.

Iodine has been awesome & I will always keep my levels up.

What I’ve failed to grasp, is the health issues seem muddled. Stammering, shaking & cramping one day. Then total paralasis the next. Taking it easy & chilling out sorts things.

Having a volotile immune system, means steer clear of germ carriers. Not letting their problems become yours.

That applies to folks with mental problems too. It causes confusion.

I’ve always been a people person, but it’s good to have sollitude too, to figure out how to deal with things.

Honey, Lemon & Lime in boiled water, here I come.

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