Total brain fog & falling.

Been struggling lately & falling all over the place, slurring.

The so called carers have been spreading rumours I’m losing my marbles & belong in a nut house.

Their constant hounding is causing me nothing but stress & when I cut myself off from them. It’s all my own fault, because they have no clue what’s going on. It looks pretty obvious from my point of view. When someone is clearly having issues, making up that some ones making things up is a key factor.

I want to walk normal & talk normal, but it’s obviously out of my control. No medical professional can help.

Even the ones I’ve met haven’t got a clue. You look okay, so therefore you are & if I even mention this fact. The drunks & druggies come out the woodwork, with their self inflicted problems. Or someone with other issues says their problem is just like Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Which is usually an unpaid bill or another agenda of some sort.

These idiots are causing most of my issues. It’s as though they are trying to get me sectioned.

It’s not even a once in a blue moon relapse, it’s constant!!!

I have to calm down or they win.

It’s pretty obvious what they want.

Terry is self medicating with some TLC, which is VERY RARE.

Take care out there folks. You have to!

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Hello Terry, you try so hard , I really admire you . The doctors may not be able to help you but they can’t take away your positive personality . I’m always falling, yesterday I went in my power chair to the park with Molly and Frazer, we sat and had chips on a bench. I tryed taking a few steps which i can usually do at home , there’s always a wall to lean on but i ended up on my knees , there was nobody about thankfully. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Terry, only you can rock and roll.

Rise above the mediocre. Only we know how to.



Stick at it Michelle. Use it or lose it. Even just a few steps at a time helps. They would most certainly have me in a chair if they could. “Look he’s fallen, why can’t you run like me & climb mountains”. Ignorant self obsessed gits.

The glorious weather we’ve been having is an opportunity to get out in the fresh air & sun. Steer clear of the do gooders I say.

After some TLC we feel much better & we can do stuff at our own pace, away from the narcissist tribe.

That sunny day yesterday was perfectly timed. Had a spell in the outdoors & feeling much better today.

Take it easy out there Steve, I know you have a lot on your plate. I’ve eaten egg on toast this morning & praying for another glorious day. All days are awesome. Where’s the snow?