Damned if you do.

Damned if you don’t.

Been well over 4 years since my diagnosis of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

When I started taking advice from others, my life seemed like it went down hill fast. Idiots telling me, they cared for someone with MS & know everything. Telling me, that judging by my condition, I’d be dead in two years. Claiming their superior intellect of being an Avon sales women, justified their judgement.

Then half a dozen of my once close friends, started claiming they had PPMS out the blue & questioning everything to do with PiP & EESA. Which they now claim, for different reasons. When their’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. Convincing themselves that their lies are more genuine than my obvious, visual, factual problems & with medical records as evidence.

It’s got to a point, where I can’t speak to almost anyone without my bullshit radar being on full alert.

Since avoiding these idiots & deleting most folks from my life. They stalk me via Facebook & other social media. Trying to convince me they are genuine & I must have mental issues. They’re only trying to help.

Help themselves!

I’m improving my circle & circumstances. It’s not going down to well, in their books. Yet from my side, it’s going very well!

To all those so called experts out there, leave people alone, to find their way of dealing with their problems. Stop thinking you are the judge & jury & get lost. Multiple Sclerosis is a pain, that gets on our nerves. Don’t add to the burden.

Terry is drinking baking soda in his coffee & planning to hose down his legs, after a stressful day. It helps ease the constant throbbing pain in my knees & ankles, from all the exercises I do.

Use it or lose it!

Hi Terry. Don’t let others bother you . I think you are doing so well with all of your healthy eating and exercise.Its been another hot day, I feel more tired than normal. I’m sat outside the gym, Frazer is lying on his blanket he’s just had a long drink of water. Molly is doing her keep fit and we are just waiting for her. Then it’s back home and something easy for tea. It’s far too hot to cook. Michelle and Frazer xx

Awesome Michelle. Keep fit & stay cool. I’m just a bum magnet. Them idiots make their own mind up on what’s going on in the universe. It’s been glorious weather & when I can’t be bothered to cook, I nip to the chippy. Cheap & cheerful fodder, that goes down a treat. Give them a £20 note & they shout twenty, so everyone hears. To catch all the scammers out, who keep claiming they gave a £20 note when they only gave a £10 & demanded change. They should feel ashamed, some folks, but they are just careless & shifty. Jealous of those who are thrifty & nifty. Enjoy the weather Michelle & keep it real. It will all work out. Spineless scum bags, will always exist. Terry is munching on some cool red grapes, after just purchasing a Kayak from Ebay.

Hi Terry,

“Damned if you do Damned if you don’t” - I know this one only too well :frowning:

Keep doing what you do and want to do, and what’s best for you too and ignore those who are bringing you down.

Keep cool and stay positive.

Twinkle Toes x

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Hello Terry.

One of the hardest things was trying to convince people that I was actually ill. I didn’t have a sore leg, I didn’t need to exercise more and no, they couldn’t even begin to reason about why I’d fallen victim to my “imaginary” illness.

These are people who should have known better. I’ve never faked anything in my whole life. We’re so much better without them. And the next person who says “it’s because you’re getting old,” could possibly receive the contents of my night time convenience bottle. Yes, we are getting old but look, I have a multitude of hidden symptoms so I’m not lucky to be having DLA and the benefit of early retirement.

I’d better stop now as I’m getting a bit red.

Stay cool Tez.


You know the drill Steve. I’m roasting, frying & boiling in my kitchen, with all my windows open. My neighbour just strolled in & asked if I can fit a shelf. After I’d told her I’ve broke my ribs & have quite bad MS. Yet it’s me who’s the uncaring clueless one.

My ex friend youth worker keeps making me feel guilty, trying to get me to feed the homeless & help at her centre where she earns silly money. All at my expense. I could donate all my spray cans, that I use, to raise funding for her holiday.

I just brought a Kayak & now she’s offering Kayak excursions & she’s obviously got PPMS too. Out of thin air.

Apparently the cards she’s read, say I’m destined for great things.

These are the kinds of folks that stalk me.

I can be rolling around the floor, to weak to get up & I’m acting.

Putting anything I do to keep busy down. To raise her vibration in the next dimension.

Sending all her drug dealing friends my way, because she can’t cop[e with challenges on her ridiculous salary.

I get PiP, so I’m supposed to give to society.

Lovely people.