PPMS seems to draw out the scroungers

The locals where I live, seem to have the common PPMS & apparently it’s me who’s faking it.

It’s a sign of the times. Get diagnosed & they’re like people at a funeral. Vultures!

Even the people I knew or met once in my life are in on the scam. Strange how they all go to the same GP who mis-diagnosed me for many years. I’ve been offered physiotherapy now. A bit lame & late I say. False care! It’s like the dodgy drug dealers, trying to sell me weed as a cure for MS. I wish I never knew what MS was or even heard of it. I know who they are & they just deny their lies. Trying to convince me I’m hallucinating, because of where my scaring is.

I’ve never been to the GP’s since. I’m not even sure it’s safe to any more. I’ve seen the state of people leaving the building. Take this bowl of medication & write me a good review. The chemist seems to dish out methadone to people, as common as a cup of tea. 4 stars my ass. Touch screen entry to the crypt. Halloween is here again.

Terry is keeping it real & avoiding the Uber brigade. How much do you usually pay?

Terry, why are some so insistent that it’s all in our mind?

Yes, I am getting older but they haven’t a clue about our hardships. Why do so many have the medication mentality?

“I’ve got this so I should take that. It makes me very special you know.”

My GP surgery is brilliant. They’re cool with me. They know I’m a clever little sod and I get the respect. I put it down to writing; yes another blog is on its way! It’s helped me express myself accurately and succinctly. I may be a little obsessed with grammatical correctitude but I like the challenge.


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You obviously have good folks around you Steve. Good for you. I seem to of attracted the worst kind of people. The people that want anything to make money. Or to steal thoughts & ideas, so they can pretend they are the creative ones. Trying to get rid of me, so they can claim the credit for anything I do. They’ve stolen my life, whilst I’m still alive. Just because I have MS. There is no cure for any kind of MS, yet they keep pushing their addictions & mental problems in my face. Pretending they are saintly & angelic. I keep hoping to meet someone normal, but there seems an epidemic. All driven by a social media linch mob & moneytary gain. Like you mention, we have enough problems. Yet with theirs as well, it’s rediculous. I’m trying to just get on with life. Their popularity contests have made me want nothing to do with them or any one.

Sorry, but I’m completely lost here…??!

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I’m being targeted by a group of idiots. I’m not sure what they want, but it seems linked to my MS for some reason. 4 years since my diagnosis & they’re still faking problems. To take stuff. Not sure if it’s their warped political agenda or they think MS is easy & everyone should get PiP. They’ve stolen 11k so far & stopped me from working on my original plans. I’m lost too. I hardly ever go out, so I’m thinking they use this forum & live locally to me. It’s computer based. The GP’s surgery who wrongly diagnosed me for years, which is a stones throw away from where I live. Has something to do with it. They seem to use AP’s & facebook to stalk me. Trying to cover their scrounging ways & beliefs. I’m sick of their mob. I can’t prove anything, because they’re all related & cover each others backs. That’s the problem with money motivated people. I was hoping not going to the GP’s again would solve the problem. Far from it. I was months away from being well clear of these people, now it seems I am stuck with them. I tried to end my life, to get away. That didn’t work either. Horrible people! FAKES!!! They’ll just continue until I’m dead. They have my name & numbers. They’re mentally disturbed & very dishonest. Butter wouldn’t melt. Why they don’t show their true colour, shows their cowardice. Childish trolls.

The trolls are still stalking. They know who I am & where I live, so why don’t they just knock on my door & say what their brainless issues are. I’ll answer the door. Just don’t run off. I’m disabled & get PiP so get a life. I’m not interested in joining IS or becoming a muslim. You should just dissapear in your black VW golfs. I’m going nowhere!!!

Hi Terry , I’m sorry about all of the stress you are going through , there are bad people around but good ones too. It must be awful for you feeling targeted by them . Try to ignore them as best as you can and build up a network of friends that you can trust. Have you got any family near by ? Or even a neighbour that is kind . We all need someone. I hope this forum helps you I’m sorry to hear that you are worried that they make access the forum , but I can’t see why they would want to, the help is on here for us, not for people who don’t have our problems. I hope you manage to work through your anxiety, I enjoy reading your messages and it would be sad if you felt that you couldn’t come on here. Michelle and Frazer

Just what do you mean when you say you are being targeted are these idiots that you say are targeting you coming into your home uninvited ? are you socialising with them at all,are you letting them come into your house ?

Could you move away from where you live now,would that be possible.I know if i was getting all this i would want to move away for my peace of mind.

They seem to be linked to the local GP’s that diagnosed me with vertigo for years. I refuse to go there & attend their groups. Neuro psychology crap. People telling me I get PiP to pay for their help. I don’t know how they are accessing my medical information & finances. I only go on this site & stay in, speaking to nobody. I’ve even started telling my son to speak to nobody. I wish I never had MS or any health problem. I’ve moved once, I’m not moving again. They’ve taken enough already. It seems to be linked to finances. My MS trust account, says I’m in the car park of the bank where my savings were stolen. According to the GPS. I know it’s not right, but how, I do not know. Why I do not know. All I can think is they are scroungers. With access to information of some sort. It all started when I was diagnosed. It seemed to start a free for all. Like folks at a funeral. People saying I’ll be dead in 2 years. I trust nobody now. I do know there are good folks out there.

Don’t you think that all of us on here wish we didn’t have MS?!!


I know Nina, yet some folks want the diagnosis, just to get the PiP & help. I’m a genuinly diagnosed person & the healthy folks are making me out to be a lier. The worse for ware people coming out the pub, say they’re struggling to walk & don’t get offered wheelchairs. I brought my own car & they say it’s from the mobility skeme. What is wrong with these people? Making out my MS is self inflicted. Then explaining they have a gas bill to pay & a drug habbit to pay for. I just ignor everyone now & trust nobody. The mentally disturbed seem to be targetting the sick. What an odd bunch of scroungers they are. Blaming whoever they can for their issues. All we can do is just get on with it as best we can. Take it easy out there folks. Look after yourselves! Terry

I agree with the others. Unfortunately Terry, your mind is obsessed with non existent things, admin systems, or ‘trolls’ who steal your thoughts and money.

My late brother had similar beliefs, diagnosed as psychotic thoughts and self absorbed in negativity. He was physically fine but in mental anguish and anger most of the time.

Terry, you believe that total strangers use your data for criminal use. I’ve no idea why you bring religion, terrorism etc. into the posts. None of these make any sense.

Puddle, why don’t you see your MS nurse to be referred to specialists? Your bitter anger serves no purpose but to stop any positivity to find happy things in your life. Your thoughts are torturing yourself and there really is true, honest and professionals who will help you. Your GP or MS Nurse will provide the help you need.

By the way, from an info sheet I have, there are only 100,000 people (Out of 67 Million UK Residents) suffer a type of MS. Approx 60,000 have RRMS (mainly female). Approx 20,000 have PPMS (even split male/female) & 20,000 people have either SPMS, BMS (mainly female).

Very low percentage of 67million people living in the UK. It equates to 10,000 females & 10,000 males have PPMS Out of 67Million residents. So we are flippin’ rare.

Please see a professional Terry, you need help with the negative and angry thoughts.


I imagine the GP’s diagnosis of Vertigo & the funds that just go missing from my bank. People don’t say such negative things when we can’t prove their bull crap. It’s all just a joke. Go and see a shrink, they can fix the problems. That’s the advice I usually get regarding PPMS. Very helpful indeed.

I’ll stick to what I was going to do, before the MS verdict was given. Life was far better then.

I never even knew what MS was 4 years ago. Now the so called friends I knew have it.

It may seem I’m ranting about rubbish, but they know what they are doing.

I have PPMS & I’m doing stuff about it, that doesn’t involve drugs or seeing a shrink.

The meeting next week will just say I’m stubborn, because I choose to keep struggling alone. In my personal experience, when others become involved in our lives, they say what their issues are. Dragging us into their problems.

This PPMS journey has been a nightmare.

Steve grammatical correctitude I cant spell it let alone say it !!!

Terry it amazes me that other people think I can do something when at the most they may only see me for a few minutes or at best a couple of hours, I am lucky in so much as our GP is a family friend and knows my problems so I don’t get any stupid ideas from that direction.


Hi Terry, is this your situation? You have stopped talking to people because you can’t trust them. Advised your son to do the same and not talk to people. You believe the doctors, nurses or other specialists must lie because they don’t tell you the truth. You prefer to live like you did before a doctor told you you have M.S. Everyone you have told that you have PPMS tells you they have it too but they can’t have PIPS and so they are jealous of you.

The above details are just part of your own posts, and seems you are angry. Yet you refuse any help or advice.

Do you think anyone can help to improve your situation? What do you want or expect to happen with PPMS?


I feel sad because i cant help as i dont understand what the problem is. It does sound to me that there is a very strong psychosis going on here perhaps. Some of the meds we are put on can trigger these things. No one can steal your illness and use it for themselves, they dont need too they can work it out for themselves on google. We do not know on here who is genuine and who is fake but i am sure the majority of people are genuine. Even if they were on here to steal our illness how would they know who we were, so it cant really affect us at a GP office, unless they know us personally and ask us questions etc so they then can use this information for their own ends. Its everywhere sadly people use the system to not work and to stay at home. I know of 2 such people actually, and have called them both out several times, but they are not using MS they are using chronic pain syndrome as their choice. I think if people genuinely know someone is faking it then they should report them. Other then that, i am lost so i will bow out. I dont feel i can contribute anything which is going to help sadly. I hope you find peace Terry and talk to someone who can help you with this problem. x

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No Chrissie, the doctor told me I didn’t have MS in the first place. Apparently Vertigo was the reason my walking was the problem. The neuro told me I would never drive again & the nurses say I could never work again. I’m getting bombarded with opinions from a multitide of people, with their take. And offered so many different theories on medication my head is spinning. When I choose to take none! I managed to get my driving licence back, I’m keeping very active & changed my diet. I just seem to be attracting people with financial problems & things not related to MS at all. Such as polotics, religion, race & cultural choices. All very surreal. When all I’m trying to do is get on with my life, whilst my body is struggling to function normally. I need to see & speak to nobody else with their view. I post on this forrum to highlight the issues I’m having with peoples lack of understanding about MS in general. It may seem like anger, but it’s more frustration at the stupidity of folks I’m dealing with & their version is changing like the weather. Everything is fine and dandy. Terry

Cheers Crazy Chick, you’re right on the button. I’m dealing with things & others are getting confused. The miracle cure hasn’t happened yet, but things do help us to get on with life. It’s the fakers who are causing the problems. It’s either, I should be dead or the aliens are coming. When it’s usually to justify thier funding issues. Telling folks to get lost, is becoming the norm. Yes, one day it’s weakness & another it’s walking. Sometimes speaking throws a wobbly & the hands fail to grasp. Others are dizzy & very forgetfull. It’s ever likely, the way things are changing. Off coarse I’m going to get messed up. Bombarded by the bull crap we deal with. Yet sanity is very much the norm. Terry

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Hello Terry, I’ve thought a lot about you for last few days and wanted to add my own message. I personally love your messages you make me smile but I also feel for you . I struggle with negative thoughts from time to time .my husband tells me that my inner voice is not always good. I think when we are unwell and low in ourselves it’s easy to develop paranoid anxieties and sometimes we can feel as if everyone is against us and that there’s no-one left to trust. Cbt really helped me . I find having someone to share these anxious thoughts with really helps. For me the forum is a life line but still on a bad day I need more, thankfully Lee my husband and also Chrisine my good friend and carer put me on the right track again. There’s no shame in mental health, it seems to go with neurological illness , I don’t take antidepressants since getting Frazer my assistance dog but for a long time I relyed on them . you take care. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi there Michelle, there’s nothing wrong with my metal health state. It’s quite obvious to me there’s some strange people about. I’ve been sticking to my healthy diet & avoiding so called medical expert opinions. All I hear about are peoples financial situations. My poor health is just their excuse at making shallow mindless coments. When the truth is they just want money. I’ll be an usher at a Halloween party tomorrow. Mixing with normal folks. Miles away from the drug addicted idiots & religous extremists. It’s been an odd few years, where folks have believed all the fake media & brexit crap. I steer well clear. I make sure my son is okay & I’m well clear of the nutty folks. Just had my delivery of Apple Cider Vinegar capsuales, with Kelp, Lecithin & Vitamin B6. A dollop of Honey, a squirt of Lemon & drinking pints of water, keeps me ticking. I ignor folks & wait for their opinions to judge the situation. It works well. Stay true Michelle & keep doing your thing. MS is a nightmare for some & an oppertunity for others. Terry