Not remotely being sarcastic...

How ever long I’ve had PPMS, with such superb support, from all these organisations of help.

From the date so called, highly educated GP’s & medical experts, started picking conditions from a hat. To having everything stolen in my life & facing constant lovely guidance from such fantastic people. Helping to keep me distracted from my original plan to build an off grid living pod. The size of a 3 bedroom home, for under 20 grand.

Whilst a gang of yobs claim, they have wealth problems. That has nothing to with being a bunch of spineless, dim wits.

If I cure this PPMS & commission such a home. Can I at least, get away from all the brain dead vultures & make alternating frequencies at my hearts content. Revolutionising how sound wave forms are the key to the existence of all humanity.

I’ll keep coiling the 8mm copper wire around the flexible hose, generating magnetic current & see how transport is torn from pillar to post for a new hyper train line, around the world in one hour & shooting off into space. That would never happen.

That’s like flying cars & having a protein shake that cures world hunger & disease.

Okay brain fart over…

The joys of having genuine PPMS & common sense. What a marvellous agenda. People don’t steal, pretend & talk crap about stuff they don’t comprehend. Just to get on, in this so called lie.


I wonder what countries use antibiotics the most. They wont let me buy any.

If I use a wet room, as a giant toilet & wash my clothes in there. Is that a good idea. I could even make stew & soups in there too & start a business. TerryTalks at TalkTalk, with such dribble at times. I must be making everything up.

Maybe a new super virus will be imported into the lime light.

I’m certainly not supposed to play with sound. It attracts the worst kind of people.

Just put my stockings on, to ease the pain in my swollen legs. PPMS isn’t real in their eyes. It’s very real to me.

I woke to extreme shaking today & got a Taxi company flyer, from the local Mosque. A bit of coincidence that.

Noticing a lot of strange things lately. The blue badge in my wind screen, gets a lot of attention from under cover parking attendants. I assume they’re under cover, they wear normal clothes.

I dare not even visit the GP’s. The last time I did, all my savings were stolen. Very fishy that. It’s like I’m being stalked by vultures, waiting for me to have problems, to take advantage.

My sublimation sportswear printing ideas on 40% nylon, the 40ft geodesic dome I built, the one way film on my windows & my collection of sound & video equipment. It all seems to attract these vultures. I never had this problem before my diagnosis of PPMS. Seems that anyone with a financial greed is attracted to me like a very strong Neodymium magnet, used for dredging treasure out of lakes & the sea.

The 200 Ah gel batterry, with a 2000 watt inverter, in a kayak. Will get tongues wagging for sure.

Not motability, but boatability. I best patent that idea quick. Some people like stealing stuff.

Cheese & tomato oatcakes for lunch. How fantabulous.

I might do a spot of sculpting today. The Vicks & boiling water vapour is clearing my head.

Have fun folks, Terry

Hello Terry, Ive got bad brain fog today and haven’t a clue what to say back except that I like reading your messages. This world’s a crazy place I get worried at times I feel much more vulnerable being disabled. I have a wheelchair bag on the back of my chair and always worry that someone might take my purse. I think my daughter made me paranoid. I’m sure that there’s loads of good people Terry . I would rather die than hurt anyone I’d hate to think people didn’t trust me. It’s funny having a new carer I’m forced to trust her, if I didn’t I couldn’t have her work for me , I couldn’t give her a key or trust her to drive my car…the list goes on. I’ve been hurt in the past Terry but I don’t want to never trust again. It’s funny last week when we had glorious sunshine my daughter with the twin granddaughters came up, We have a park at the back of us , in fact my gate opens onto it. Well we took Naomi and Laura my little twin granddaughters they are 18 months and running every where, it makes me feel sad some days because I can’t run after them…but I thought no ones looking and got out of my wheelchair and played with them I kept falling 3 or 4 steps sometime more then fell on the grass. The park is quiet so it didn’t matter…until I saw an older lady staring at me from the bushes…i was so worried , I felt a fool but also worried thAt she’d ring pips on me…how paranoid is that??? But that’s how it gets you some days. Keep smiling Terry and keep writing too I like reading your blogs. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my phone

Terry, for the sake of your sanity…let it go…all those folk who wronged you…let them go…



Good to learn you’ve had a crack at getting out your chair. Those gossipy ancient tree dwellers, do get a loose tongue when they see people trying to get on with their life. You’ll be hearing, when I was in the war, I lost both my legs & dragged myself around the world in 2 days.

I think all my GP’s relatives are all Taxi drivers, from the local Mosques. Not only did they apply for the job I was layed off from. They’ve dented my new car a few times, out of disgust that I was given my licence back. Maybe they want me to stay in their care home & shit in a room all day. To get even more money, than they’ve already stolen.

Keep having a go at getting out that chair Michelle. It will help with your circulation. 5 months I’ve been using Vicks now. I’m even walking without my sticks. Not very far, but it’s a start. Relying on things, has always proven to be a let down with me. I live in a very down trodden area, that attracts vermin. Any excuse, is all they need to scrounge what they can.

The new PiP system is like a gold pot for them.

They forget that PiP is for genuine disabled people to live their lives. Thinking it’s to help them scrounge more.

They threw a party when my PiP was cancelled. After the tribunal & full award was back dated. They started going nuts again. Sick in the head idiots.

How the hell they know of my business, when I hardly ever go out, I’ll never know. Maybe they stalk the MS forum posts for updates on what they can steal. They do it everywhere else. Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter & anywhere else.

Keep active Michelle, trust who you like. I’ll never trust again. I just look straight through folks.

My diagnosis of PPMS, has not been great at all.

Take it easy out there.


I’m sane Polls, they just sit outside every day in their cars.

The £11k they’ve already stolen + everything else is too enticing for them. They’ve forced me to move once.

I’m fine, they’ve obviously got the mental problems.

When I go out, they try & stand in front of my car. I dry my washing indoors, so they don’t steal that too.

It actually smells better indoors now. Problems always have an upside.

I just wish the scum bags would tell me what their problem is. I can’t keep moving.

Some idiot obviously has their version of reality in their dimension.

I grew up in this area & don’t even recognise anyone. [removed by admin]

It will all work out I’m sure.


Terry I worry about your level of anger that comes across from your postings, I agree with Poll, let it go, it cannot be good for your health.

Pam x


I’m fine Pam. Very chilled actually.

The MS is getting a lot worse, but I just get on with it. Rather than asking time wasters for help. I just do whatever I need doing myself. It gets done that way.

I’m surrounded by quite a lot of bone idol gits. After seeing me just getting on with stuff, even when I fall all the time. It makes their lame excuses, look very feeble.

The folks who’ve robbed me, are just pathetic.

I get on with it.

Life is awesome. Very awesome,