Getting Motivated

Greetings fellow humans. Today I decided to get motivated. Sick of being stuck indoors, surrounded by freaks of nature, trying to drag me down. So I just uploaded a jam session to YouTube & I’m off for a drive. To see what the normal people are doing in this world.

What an odd vibe it is. To struggle to walk & mix with the healthy humans. The sore losers. The ones who make me wish I wasn’t born, just so they can get money. Strange how some folks, take advantage of problems. To suite their goals.

Just had my daily vitamins & minerals, before a batch of Oatcakes. With a drizzle of CBD oil, E & Omega 3. Unsure if it’s still okay to be myself in the land of looney tunes & stalkers.

Just remembered I mustn’t forget the Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s great for marinating steak, with garlic.

Take it easy out there. We can’t get rid of the MS, but we can ignore those with an agenda.

Best regards Terry.

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Yep, you get some clean fresh air in your lungs and chuff the vultures. Keep moving, so they dont get a chance to swoop.

Oooeck, Im sounding like you now, eh?


Dustna worry the sen Polls. I’m just surrounded by a mass of pot heads & they make me paranoid, with their scrounging.

Hopefully this batch of additives will perk me up for my adventure. I wish MS never found me. It sucks!

Yet the folks around me, all seem to want the PPMS diagnosis. I’m losing count of the people claiming to have it. When all they talk about is money & wanting anything I own, that catches their beady eyes. They seriously don’t want the PPMS though. I can’t even mention it, or that’s how they feel. Sad gits!

I wonder what the shops will entice me to buy today. Life goes on.

Terry, you’ve got me thinking about doing something now. But I need to charge up the scooter. To take on the mantle of normal humanity needs courage of mind and body.

This morning I noticed the bespattered bhaji dough leaving a trail around my rich red pile so I had to be the hapless matador with the Dyson bull whilst the power cable twisted and choked the wheels of my chair.

The sun is shining. Would watching two football matches be a waste of a day?


When I first got a scooter, back in nineteen hundred and frozen to death…it relieved my long walks carrying shopping and I was so happy to finally be able to let something other than my poor legs and feet take the strain.

So there I am, riding my scooter, when some dimwit says to me, Oh, I hope that wont make you lazy! Insensitive sod!


Oh Poll that’s awful…what a thing to say I bet you felt like running over them , we are anything but lazy. Now I’ve got over the embarrassment of being in a chair …4 years on I love the perks of It, like being able to put it on full speed and race ahead of everyone and never having to look for a seat again cause I’ve always got one at attached to my bum. Terry it’s lovely weather at the moment great for smelling the air and good to feeling positive. I’m at centerparcs at the moment with my family and yesterday we went BlackBerry picking…there were loads of them. And Steve snore would be proud of me… I made a blackberry crumble. Frazer is loving it here…theres so many squirrels to chase. Love Michelle and Frazer xx

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Looks like I’m going to need a new hoover. I just powered the Vax up & it set the fire alarm off. Strange how other folks have thrown their hoovers out to pasture. Maybe I should get a Dust Devil. Must be all them high pitched frequencies, messing with stuff again.

Getting Cold Feet

Yes, I’m trying to get out - been powerchairing around the garden in my socks and looking silly.

Having frozen feet 24/7 doesn’t help.

I wear two pairs of socks to keep warm - with my bed socks on the outside - so I can’t get any of my shoes on. Even my fur slippers won’t fit.

I think I might buy some Barbour wellingtons a size larger so I can have wellie liners and extra socks on when I go out.

It will look a bit odd in August - but then I look odd anyway.


I get cold feet at night Fay , even in hot weather, all of me can be boiling but my feet are like ice blocks . It doesn’t seem to bother me in the day but at night I struggle to sleep at times because of the freezing feet. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi shellyonthebeach,

I used to be like you - just frozen feet at night - but it got progressively worse over the years.

It’s actually very debilitating and requires some extra thought about footwear.


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