No cure for PPMS. They say!

No cure for any form of Multiple Sclerosis. Plenty of medications offered to alleviate problems, not related to MS.

Not one person has recommended Iodine, Selenium, B vitamins & anything useful.

Many people pushing wheel chairs, chemo therapy & stem cell replacement. Along with Cannabis Based Drugs, anti depressants & something to take away feelings. Ya get me.

Just been for a healthy stroll around the town centre & given directions to some odd folks, on how to find the library. And the free Internet access.

Look after yourselves out there folks.

Terry is keeping it real. None of this mumbo jumbo.

Exercise, fresh air & a healthy diet. Boost that immune system & give yourselves a fighting chance.

Off to look at some wheelchairs later. Walking with severe spasticity & dragging my weak left, just doesn’t class as being disabled to the know it alls. I must be looking after myself too much. Pure selfishness!

Went to the MS group this week. I’m still the only person with PPMS who attends & advised yet again, by others with MS, what medication I should try. It seems wrong not to take medication, eat healthy & exercise. Why on earth would I sign & be assessed to use an exercise bike? I have a mountain bike & trick scooter for the skate park.

I have a kayak & a music studio too. My days are spent in my workshop, drilling, hammering & sawing. Making stuff & doing DIY. If I say I do stencilling & graffiti, I’m directed to water colours & knitting. Both of which I am very competent.

Offer to play chess & their heads are berried in a mobile phone. I can not comply.

Terry the champion of the world.

What a refreshingly positive message you give.

We know our bodies.


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Just catching up with some messages, I’ve been so busy I’ve missed loads , it’s good to hear you Terry, you are an inspiration to us all. I’m still looking at the bottle of cidar vinegar…I’m a bit nervous of taking a gulp. …but I’ve got a nice bottle of “brothers rhubarb and custard cidar” do you think it will make me walk better Terry. …best get some more bottles! Michelle and Frazer xx


Try walking on your hands. There’s more than one way to get in motion.

I’ve still got the pot head posse, trying to sell me weed. Apparently it cures their bank balance issues.

Apple Cider Vinegar is awesome! So too is Iodine, keeping hydrated & cool.

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