Medication for PPMS or anything!

Hey there folks.

Just thinking about medication & life. Philosophy & pharmacy.

I’ve come to the conclusion, when I was trying different medicinal routes, to cure my PPMS. It was actually getting much worse from all the exterior input & peer pressure. I see folks taking cereal bowls of medication & in a very poor state. One medical condition after another. Going from bad to worse. Like the medication is a badge for illness. Forms asking what’s your list of medications & I leave that section blank.

From a cabbage on a sofa listening to others. To someone about to go shopping, alone, doing it all himself. Dodging the dodgers & feeding the gossip squad more crap to moan about.

Going to treat myself to a new vapor pipe, buy some mint Magnums & visit the electronic music store.

Have fun out there folks & do what you must. Some use the force to push their views & mental state.

Just be…


Hi Tel!

I know youve voiced your thoughts on medicines in general.....but did anyone actually tell you that MS can be cured? We know thats not possible, dont we chuck?

I`ve just had a magnum…luvverly!


Hehe Terry. Magnums are the way to go! Actually I might have one from the freezer now. Such simple pleasures. Cheers :smiley:

RRMS’ers have a huge range of medicines now, I think there are now more than 20 different disease modifying treatment. There’s only one disease modifying drug for us PPMS’ers and that’s only available in the USA night now.

So for now we have the meds that treat MS side effects (like baclofen) and a handful of alternative treatments like LDN & Biotin that help some people.

Sonia x

All this alphabet soup, goes over my head. Having a healthier diet & light exercise is helping me, far better than taking advice from so called experts. CBD oil for the pain, ACV to decalify the body, multi vitamins, fish & chips & some steaming Broccoli. I just had Blueberries for breakfast & a pint of water. Vicks later, after watching some grafters.

Vicks? the chest rub for colds?


I mange my PPMS with very little medical intervention now a days, 1 x baclofen morning and night, 1x pregablin and the rest medicinal cannabis

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The Vicks chest rub, seems to clear the brain fog Polls. And my view on the brain fog, is it’s the discharge from Optic Nuritis. The nerves running around the body. Seem to cause the calcification in joints & blood, in the same way as the Optic Nuritis does. My theory of corse, I’m no medicle expert, but it seems to make sense to me. My purple lead foot & crunchy joints, seem a bit better. When the headaches kick in, it’s nap time. There is no cure, but making health easier to manage, improves my quality of life. Even the CBD oil has it’s purpose. I’ve become my own lab rat.

Good on you. I’m having to call my Nuerologist for my 6 month, 5 minuet consultation. Which reminds me, I need to see my medicle report & get a copy. That alone can be quite damaging if worded & explained wrongly. It can damage driving applications & all sorts. Life is tough enough, without all the mumbo jumbo. Sitting in a Citizens Advice office, is not my idea of a good day out.

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Hey, I wouldn’t worry too much, I take sativex andthe driving guidelines are. If you don’t feel like it. Don’t drive x

That’s the rule for everything. If it doesn’t feel right, keep away. The 3 years of no driving, did me no favors. Now I can go anywhere, at any time, with who I choose. Doing what I choose. Some folks aren’t happy about that. Why, I will never know.