MS is apparently very common.

Strange that in over 5 years. I have met only 2 people with PPMS, in person & one of them died. I’m the only person that attends the local MS group with PPMS. It freaks them out, that I take zero medication. I’m constantly advised what I should take. Like medication is a proof of illness.

There is apparently dozens of locals with PPMS, self diagnosed obviously.

A so called friend said MS was common. 2 million out of 9 billion people worldwide & 10% of them have PPMS. Very common indeed. These people obviously didn’t do their maths.

Terry will continue to eat his steamed veg & drink Iodine water, with a couple of Apple Cider Vinegar capsule chasers.

That bowl of Blueberries & nuts. With a fridge full off eggs, mushrooms, mature cheese, steak, fish & Dr Witt fruit smoothie will just have to do. I wont be chasing some unproven cure.

Use it or lose it folks. Once them muscles waste away, it will be so much easier. NOT! Enjoy life.

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The idea that the medication proves the illness unveils the fears of the illness.

I have eschewed all medication apart from the hypertension and depression pills. The anti-depressants have improved my eyesight!

From the early days when people told me to exercise harder to now when I’m advised to get out more, I’ve been subjected to the consequences of well-intentioned ignorance.

You rock, I rock, especially when I try to stand up. I’ll just keep writing, cooking and driving the old men crazy. Soon I’ll be back in town.

The eyes have it.

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You’re awesome Steve. You inspired me to rebuild my sound studio, even though it brings attention from the dark side.

Strange how when the healthy see people with a disability & convince themselves they should own everything.

I tried showing some know it alls, how to stencil. With the attention span of a fly, they failed. Yet they still want my knowledge, books, tricks, spraycans & canvases I’ve collected for decades. Purely to put their imagination at ease. They possess the all seeing eye, looking over the fence. They know, but the penny still hasn’t dropped.

Folks with MS may look okay, but look closer & open your third eye. Be enlightened by reality.

Hi Everyone, hope you’re all okay. I had cervical myelopathy which went undiagnosed for a long time causing long term damage, and have a few other problems, so I need a lot of medication to control pain. I’m also not ashamed to say that I need my anti depressants. None of my meds make my ms better and I don’t think that taking meds makes me more ill than any of you. As a retired nurse I have a healthy respect for medication, and experience has shown me that other treatment forms can be helpful eg. acupuncture and essential oils have their uses too. We’re all different with our own views and needs. Just like we accept wee all have different symptoms, we all have different histories and treatment. Cath

You’re right Cath. I’m just having a lot of input from idiots. If I have PPMS & struggle to walk. I must obviously be depressed. My constant denial to take medication, means I’m psychotic & belong in a nut house. Told the multiple scars in my frontal lobe are making me hallucinate & that’s why they say I imagine things.

Meanwhile everything is getting stolen & some folks are saying. Why do I want my things? Scroungers!

I never took medication before diagnosis & there is no cure.

The medication the experts prescribed, made me 10x worse & now I take none, I’m improving. How strange.

Eating healthy & exercising is working far better for me. I’ll stick to my choice.

Take care out there. Do what feels right to you.

I’m off shopping for more fruit juice & stuff.

My apologies for looking after myself.

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The only thing I take for my PPMS is painkillrs everything else is for something else even my antidepressants are for depression but if I DIDNT have MS I am sure I wouldn’t need them. My first Specialist who diagnosed me told me to get on with my life eat what I wanted and drink in moderation, Life he said is to short to chase after fads and diets

I have taken him at his advice. Now they recon that a new drug is available for us PPMS’ers we know we wont get it because of some reason or another . Saves people from wheelchairs by 7 years thats twenty years to late for me. XXX Love to you all Don


Hello Don , its lovely to see you on here. I’ve missed you. Medication is only good if it makes you feel better, many of the side effects can be dreadful. Being positive and eating as healthy as you can like Terry says is the best medicine. I take the lowest dose I can of amitriptyline, it helps with the facial nerve pain , the side effect of it is feeling groggy so I don’t take more than I have to . Take care every one Michelle and Frazer xx

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All the best Don. My neuro didn’t know what interactions were, regarding medications. It worries me when folks don’t know stuff & still think because of a medical title, we are supposed to think they know & trust them. The truth is, MS is confusing as hell. It changes with the weather & like the weather. We all know the weather experts get it wrong too.

Since changing my diet, life has been so much better. Use it or lose it folks.

A good friend I met from the MS group has RRMS & her legs look fine, but they just don’t work.

Another good friend has SPMS & he gets out the house once a month & seems startled by everything.

I should really be in a wheel chair myself, the rate I fall. I break bones & furniture all the time. It makes me laugh. Stupid table! Which idiot put you there? Dam rug. I can’t help dragging my leg. Stop following me & wrapping around until you drag me down.

Hello Don.

I had a bacon butty this morning.

I hope you’re well.


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