PP Morning Start

Howdy out there fellow sufferers. Just thought I’d share my latest, morning cocktail. A lovely hot drink, to start the day.

2 spoons of honey in a pint glass, a squirt of Lemon & Lime, a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar & 5 drops of Iodine. Then pour boiling water & stir until the glass is full. The scent alone will wake you up & it tastes fantastic.

Off to the MS group this morning. Take it easy out there.

Terry’s cocktails

Lee’s been making smoothies , they are really nice as log as you balance the ingredients , too much kale is discusting but Apple and berries and the right amount of kale plus coconut milk is delicious. Michelle and Frazer xx

It’s all about balance Michelle. Just got back from the MS group & decided to have boiled pint number 2.

Smoothies & supplements are the way to go. Give that immune system a chance & enjoy life.

I’ve recently gone vegetarian, but I know you can still be unhealthy even vegetarians can over do it with the chips …l love chips . I didn’t do it to be healthy just felt bad for a long time over the poor animals. Michelle and Frazer xx

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I steer clear of vegetarian debates. I have friends who’ve lived on seeds, do yoga & make amazing soups. They get ill like the rest of us & it opens up debates on everything nature offers. GM foods & oceans full of plastic. Whatever works for you, I say.

Ditching bacon butties & a good stew, would send me around the twist.

Animals are magical & so too is humanity. Perfection is in the blink of an eye. Who’s eye?

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Keep posting terry as it’s informative and encouraging.

I’ll now be waiting a bit as with my upcoming treatment there may be some dietary issues to consider.

Of course, I will have the final say.

I’ll keep posting Steve & try using the Iodine. It is good stuff. If it helps, use it. If it makes you worse, avoid it.

Even a lazy neighbour nicking a washing line, can cause issues. He’s only been living there a week & he’s nicked my parking space, got relatives nosing in my business & a loud ranting voice, that ruins my calm. Fun times ahead.

Whining about leaves in autumn, is sad.

It’s a glorious time of the year.

I love the sound of the crunching leaves, when visiting the park & seeing the squirrels hide their stash. Only to be revealed by a gust of wind. Take care out there & keep that mind ticking, like a time bomb.

You’re so right Jackie

I’d highly recommend listening to the Radio Norfolk Countryside Hour podcast with Chris Skinner…for those who love the birds, trees, butterflies, bees etc…it is a wonderful insight into the beauty that surrounds us and a welcome escape from our daily ms woes.

The wind today is awesome. It’s inspired me to create a white noise sound. Undulating, drifting tones of tremendous power. Testing the roots are well founded to the bedrock. One hint of weakness & off it fly’s.