PPMS gets on my nerves !!!!!!!!

Greetings fellow sufferers. Woke & decided to do multiple exercises. Breathing & taking my time.

Fell over quite a few times already today, but where there’s no pain, there’s no gain.

Use it or lose it, is my phrase. Coated myself with lime juice to keep the insects from nibbling.

Banana for breakfast & 2 pints of water so far, since waking. I’m going to face the heat, head on.

Some people look at my routine & think I’m a nut case. They can judge for eternity!

I’m catching some rays & getting my free Vitamin D. Not chasing a fake skin tone.

Look after yourselves folks & keep them vultures puzzled!


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Good for you Terry. But did the lime juice work? I’m sick of being bitten by the mozzys and the heat outside is intense. Lee did a Barbeque my son and his wife have been across for the weekend. Michelle and Frazer xx

Michelle get some Avon skin ‘so soft’ moisturiser its really,very good to stop mozzy bites.I used to use it all the time when we went abroad(in my past life) really does work,the troops in vietnam used it,im not joking either.Amazon have it for under £5 it has jojoba oil and citronellol in it which the mozzys hate.

J x

Hello there Michelle. They sell Lime juice as a mozzy repellant in walking shops. My brother pays £10 for a small bottle. It’s why the Italian Olive growers, have Lime & Lemon trees in their gardens. It’s like poison to them & the smell makes them scarper. Tastes & smells awesome on Barbie meat. Plus you can coat your whole body in it & the smell of avoidance to flies. Win, win.

I would love a Barbecue right now, but got no teef.

Gummy bear Terry.

Cheers J. I’ll try that moisturiser. Dry skin is trouble alone, in this heat.

The sun is awesome, but for MS it’s a nightmare. I went out today in the countryside & struggled to get home. Glad I did though. We see nothing of use indoors & under a shady tree, by a lake, in the sun, is magical.