Going to an MS group!

Went to my local MS group yesterday. Got 2 leaflets on adventure breaks happening soon.

It was good to see, it’s not just me struggling. Seeing folks with SPMS is a massive wake up call.

The people that organise the venue are awesome! A woman from the Hub, is off to see the queen to get a medal for 20 years of service, juggling the paper work & organising funding of the centre. Hats off to her.

Hearing how MS has taken away peoples lives, is a kick up the back side.

I’ll be sticking to the healthy diet & exercise theory, with regards to helping ease MS.

I’m making a cocktail smoothie of Onions & Garlic. With Lemons, Lime & Honey. Got a green blend on the go too, with nuts, Broccoli, Kelp, Spinach & Cabbage. Using Omega 3 oils & extra virgin Olive Oils as the base.

Keeping hydrated & shovelling the Vitamins & Minerals in the body, seems the key to me. The Apple Cider Vinegar gels, with Kelp, B6, B12 & D3 are awesome. Brought 12 packs so far. I should stop giving them away!

Stay active folks.


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Hi Terry

Sounds like a lovely ms group, glad you enjoyed it, puts things into perspective when you see others in the same boat.

Do you find the ACV helps with constipation, and is it in liquid or tablet form please?

Keep up the good work.

Pam x

Brillian Terry , i bet they love your support , you know such a lot about healthy food you are really inspiring. How to you manage to drink your cocktails? I would struggle with the onions and garlic with the lemon and honey , I bet it’s good for you but I think I’d wretch even if I held my nose . I had a job taking the cystitis remedy, it was revoting. My son Ben drinks raw egg whites every morning , that’s something else I couldn’t do. Michelle and Frazer xx

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The ACV is in gel form. A little bigger than Cod Liver Oil & dark in colour. For constipation you should try Daites & Dried Prunes. They’re very effective. Terry

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Hi there Michelle. I put the raw ingredients into a jar & use them in soups & hot drinks. Simply by taking a table spoons worth out. They taste awesome on toasted cheese. Had 8 roasted cloves of garlic today, to keep the vampires away. My kitchen is looking like a fruit & veg shop. Terry

Hello Terry.

i go to a physio club which caters for MS and strokes.

Our humour is wicked and our support is storming.

I like it.


Good on you Steve. Getting out & looking people in the eyes, is good for the soul.

I often describe my MS as a stroke type situation. My left side had shut down. Yet I’m having a few problems with the right side too. Going to the MS group inspired me to buy a Circulation Booster & after seeing what others on medication have turned out like. I’m glad I ditched all medication & chose the healthy eating routine.

Helping the body repair itself is working out quite well.

The Baclofen, Anti-Depressants, Steroids & all the other crap they tried me on, did me no favours at all.

Since the Neurologist signed me off any more hospital visits & consultations. Life has been awesome!

The best thing in 2017 was getting my driving licence back. Now I have a blue badge & drive everywhere. Considering the medical experts said I would never drive again & I got the licence back myself, by proving to 2 advanced driving instructors I am safe. After the 3 & 1/2 years being poisoned by idiots. Having all my savings stolen & loss off a life. Things are going pretty good. All thanks to my own initiative & research.

Now I can show others, the path I chose.


Been to the MS group again today. Reminded that it costs £120 per day to hire the room from the local council & their budget is being cut. So basically I’m going to socialise & help raise funds & awareness of MS to keep the local group going. Otherwise it would be cancelled through lack of participation & for most who go. It’s their only way to get out & do some exercise with other people who have similar problems. Take it easy out there people. These local services will be stopped if people with MS don’t attend! Terry

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Gosh, I consider myself very lucky to attend our local ms society club. It’s held each Wednesday in a Cheshire home facility. I know they are very well funded with various events. My daughter did their annual charity walk in October and raised a healthy €650. I love going there for the reflexology and a cuppa.

Went my local MS group today. Spoke to many folks, I’ve got to know. Got weighed out of curiosity & gone from 9.2 stone when on medication, to a healthy 11.6 stone after eating & doing exercises. Instead of taking a cocktail of medications. Been a cracking day too. The sun has got his hat on. The grass has been cut for the first time in 2018. Get out there folks & speak to others with MS. It helps to get a visual perspective on how people cope. What we see & read on the internet, is a load of rubbish. Terry

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That’s great Terry I’m sure that you get a lot from going and help a lot of people there. It’s amazing how you’ve put weight on and are thriving , it must be all of the healthy food you are eating . It’s lovely to have a positive story. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Yes Michelle. A health problem isn’t what medication you take or the advice from other drug dealers. Where I live, there are a lot of drug takers. Those with a genuine health problem, who take no medication or drugs are the folks I communicate with in reality. It makes more sense to me personally. There is no cure for MS & from experience. I’ve learned to touch nothing else. Eating the foods I cook! Take care out there Michelle & try some good foods. 5/10 tall & 11.6 stone in weight, is good for a 48 year old man. Bring on the summer exercises. When I can do 30 press ups & ride my mountain bike. I’ll be a lot better off.

Anyone with MS, should try going to an MS group. Again today, I heard of people who since being diagnosed, they don’t go out. And go down hill, very quickly. Plus get other problems, more frequently. Get out there & do stuff. Terry

Just attended my local MS group & the numbers have dropped dramatically. It is another hot one. We must keep going to these local groups, or the services stop & those who rarely get out. Tend to be stuck indoors on their own. Hardly seeing anyone else who understands the problems MS brings. Any excuse for tea & a biscuit, is a good reason. Terry

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The numbers at the MS group were low again & I seem to be the only person there with PPMS, so I get into debates, a lot. What medication do you take? The badge of pharma. My Iodine venture, will go down like a lead balloon. What would I know. Severe spasticity, constant falling & weakness. Isn’t the same as being in a wheelchair. I know why I rant so much. I never see anyone else with PPMS & because I refuse medications they advise. There must be nothing wrong with me & yet it’s so blatantly obvious. They seem a good bunch & I hope I find a cure ASAP.

When I was first diagnosed I was told about my local MS group and I was thinking of going along as obviously I needed the support but I was put off going after a couple of initial phone calls to one of the Volunteers and subsequently I haven’t attented any.

I was the same for the first couple of years, but it’s an opportunity to meet other people, who will hopefully understand.

After going to the group for a while, it just becomes second nature & events can change things.

Give it a go, or you’ll never know. They’re always doing things & you might enjoy yourself.

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You are so right Terry. I was diagnosed 3 years and 3 months ago. I was then 55. I didn’t go to the club until the second year. Initially, it was a bit scary to see two people severely disabled in wheelchairs with head rests, people with rollators,people with a crutch and people like I was. Great! Walking with a slight limp. There are two therapists who provide a private session of head massage, reflexology,back massage, reiki. The reflexology is amazing. I feel I could run out of there after the session. Tea and coffee, scones and biscuits and a pleasant chat with the volunteers. A lovely morning out. It doesn’t scare me anymore. I’m grateful for what I still have. Even though I have to use the wheelchair outside the house now.

Yep, we’re all at different stages & hearing how they coped, gives a boost. Someone might find a cure & the sarcastic twits, might even find a spine. They wind me up something rotten, but I give it back on good days.

There’s usually a nurse there. Mobile hairdresser, Chiropodist, Physiotherapist & Arthur Daily.

They’re always going on trips & up to some mischief. It adds spice to a dull day & good memories to laugh about.

It is an odd world out there.

Attended my local MS group & been weighed today. This 48 year old male, has gone from 11.6 stone to 10.8. It seems all the exercises I’m doing, are paying off. I’ve shared all my Iodine trials & let others see the health improvements. Take it easy folks. Use it or lose it. Terry