Spirulina has been added to my list.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Lemon, Lime, Omega 3 oils & more goodies have become constant additions to my healthy diet & exercise. They were bragging about how many medications they take at the MS group this week & my total was 0. The max taken by one person was 22 different medications. EACH DAY x3!!!

The steamed veg & fish, with the odd steak is working out fantastic.

Reminder to take the lemon cheese cake out the freezer.

Onions for your bunions.


Terry I wish I was as fortunate. The first thing I asked my Neuro when I was referred to him was that he wean me off everything, especially the opiates. He admitted that he doesn’t like his MS patients on any meds except vitamin D3 but he explained that I’d be on them for the rest of my life, and he was right as all efforts to reduce doses has been unsuccessful. You’re very lucky.

Cath x

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I understand some folks take medications Cath & if they are helping, carry on. I just don’t understand those who think that if someone doesn’t take medication, there must be nothing wrong. When it’s quite obvious there is.

My symptoms were mysterious. I couldn’t understand why I was walking with a gait & too weak to carry things, before falling to the ground. Having spasms & cramps from the second I wake. Mood swings like being possessed.

Over the years, I have gone from bad to worse, to paralysed. All from taking medications.

A healthy diet & exercise. With sleep & plenty of rests, has helped.

From the brink of being put into a mental institution by those in white coats, to getting on with my life as best I can, with a condition that confuses all. No matter what the budget or circumstance.

Keep them spirits up Cath. It’s not what you know, or who you know. It’s knowing & doing something about it.

It confuses the control freaks, who are only interested in one thing.

Today is another day, to tinker & do things.

When we get caught up in all this medical jibber jabber. It limits what we could be doing.

Take it easy out there…

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Keeping your spirits up is the best way to cope with this. I used to be very active and although I can’t do much in the way of physical exercise I still class myself as active as I do a lot of crafty types of things now. I sew, knit and do up sad bits of furniture when I can and on other days I read, watch tv or play cards on my kindle.

On good days I go out if I feel like it or do something constructive like clean out the fridge or oven, which has become a workout in itself. Feeling sorry for myself is something I try to avoid. I live with the motto that there are a lot more people a lot worse off than me. I’m glad that it was me who inherited this instead of my daughter and after watching my dad die of motor Neurone Disease I think I’m extremely fortunate. There are a lot more conditions worse than this.

So I’m very grateful that I’m capable of doing the things I really enjoy, we all get frustrated at times, but so does everyone else whether they have a disability or not. I have a good quality of life but it’s up to me to maintain that situation. I have MS but it isn’t going to stop me.

Cath x


AWESOME Cath. That’s pure positivity. I’m off to the park on my push scooter, even though it looks like it’s going to rain. It’s one way of getting hydrated. I just watched a Thrush pull a giant Earth worm up. I’m sure he winked at me.

The Spirulina is working out quite well. Pond weed for my breakfast today. A full English tomorrow.

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The Spirulina is doing its job. My stools are dark green & it’s having no reaction to all my other food ingredients. Which is very good news, since not qualifying for the new PPMS treatment. So what I’m doing must be working fine for me. The Dr Witt fruit drinks & increasing protein. With all the other stuff is uplifting progress. All the best of luck out there folks. Choosing to look after myself was the right choice. Terry if off to the local MS group, for a chin wag.

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Over a month since I started using Spirulina, with Apple Cider Vinegar, Iodine & Selenium. Taken 3x a day with good healthy meals of steamed veg & fish. I’ll stick to this routine for a while. There’s definitely some good stuff going on. Keep exercising & eating better. It all helps. Ditching the false carers & mixing with decent, genuine folks. Makes a massive difference.

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Adding spirulina to your routine is a great choice, and it sounds like you’ve got a fantastic mix of natural remedies and good eating habits going on.