ACV, Kelp, Lecithin & B6 softgel

Just sharing my latest trial of improvers. I watched a YouTube video on yet another apparent cure for MS.

Fish, onions, asparagus, green tea & all kinds. We shall see, feel & learn.

The equivalence of a shopping trolley full of fodder in one capsule. I’ve got to the point I’ll try anything.

Take it easy out there.


Good luck with it Terry. I’ve been a bit dubious about diets but I’ve tried the fasting mimicking diet and that has had some benefits for me. Plus I didn’t need to go and buy any supplements for it

Sonia x

Barts are looking at diet and lifestyle as well - the fasting diet is actually a DMT for epilepsy, btw, so perhaps there is something in it…

All is good with the trial so far. Pushing myself to walk further each day & booked in for an Orthatic session in Oct 2017. I wonder what the physio can do. PPMS is so strange. It’s like quick drying cement injested into the body when asleep. A few kicks & shakes, when I wake. Before head butting the toilet wall, after a stumbling dash. Then on to the bowl of treats. D3, B’s, E, ACV & a dose of Hemp Oil. The slurred speach & stuttering has eased off when mixing with folks. That’s a bonus. I need some energy though & the constant pain is getting a bit extreme. Like being eaten alive by bugs & very slowly. Hydration required!

Just ordered another 2 packs of 84 from Ebay. I gave a pack to an elderly woman with varicous viens, with a bottle of Hemp oil to use on salads. Unblocking the system seems the best method so far. With Vicks for menthol vapor stimulation & a gallon of fruit juice each day. Now for some exercise.

It was kind of you to give the elderly lady your stuff.

hope it helps her.


Hey t!

just noticed your post.

orange juice is very acidic and loaded with sugar. Acv is alkaline-which our body needs. Just be aware of getting the balance right and not making your system work even harder than it needs to.

take care of you, e x


Cheers e. I’m trying all sorts. Mainly because my deterioration has been so rapid & the folks around me are so volatile & dim witted. They always know better & live their fake existence. Forcing their view on me. Idiots!

Some days it feels like I’m walking in circles & the exercise has been more strained, with very low energy.

I had a good hearty beef stew tonight & it perked me right up. If I try to do my creative stuff, it attracts drug addicts & mentally unstable folks. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. The common issue, seems to be a lack of controlling their finances. That’s when I’m called lazy. Purely because I get PiP & it’s to fund their addiction, whatever that may be.

Lose health & it attracts losers. Pick myself up & the insults start.

This new batch of ACV has been very good. It’s inspired a balanced, alternating diet change. Which has in turn given me a boost in mental attitude. It doesn’t change the narrow minded part of society though. There’s definitely, still a load of vultures about & that is always related to money. Jealousy & complete lack of understanding about anything. Where they come from, I do not know. I know where they can go.

It all started when I had an idea, that was going to set me up for life. They don’t want that to happen. It makes them look bad & they obviously are. In their minds, BAD means something very different.

BAD = Scrounge! BS for short.

Hi Terry sounds like your diet is very good , I think if we can keep as healthy as possible it’s easier to put up with other things. I’m suffering with dizziness and nausea at the moment, my eyes are all over the place so it doesn’t help . I used to think it was middle ear infection but apparently not , the ears nose and throat consultant said it wasn’t middle ear…its just part of what I’ve got, everything seems to be related to neurological, I’ve had vertigo on and off for years and now with the poor balance and weak legs I’ve no chance. I thought it was very kind of you to help that older lady and as for the vultures don’t let them get you down , I think there are a lot of good folks out there too. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile phone

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Hi there Michelle. I try to help some folks, especially when I know they are vulnerable to the scrounging element of society. I can be falling all over the place & people think I’m acting. It’s a joke, how these people exist. Jealous of another persons very bad health condition. Making stupid comments, like my friend has no legs & blind, yet still goes to work. That’s like comparing an astronaut with a seemstress. A political mind. An Avon representative assessing someones health condition. Total BS! I try to walk & my body shuts down for the day. A constant traffic jam of the circulatery system. Caused by the missfiring of the entire electrical junction box. Diet & exercise is the key to recovery. Avoiding the mentally unstable. Some days I think I’m there & then all of a sudden. I’m 10x worse than before, trying to explain to a child like mind, the problem. 4 years since the diagnosis of PPMS & still questioned about the recovery of a condition with no cure that gets worse. Take care out there folks & steer clear of clueless know it alls. They can’t change a light bulb.

I get what you are saying Terry, there are some daft people , I hate the intrusive comments like " what happened to you then? And expecting a full account of your disability, or one of them recently told me all about her heart problems and how she nearly died and then said "if I can get better so can you " I really wish they’d think about what they say. Like you said like comparing a seamstress to an astronaut. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Yep e. I’ve been subjected to all kinds of BS. A woman who claimed to have cancer, so her partner could avoid paying me back the money he borrowed. Never to be seen again & holidaying in Turkey. She even accused a friend of stealing petrol out of her petrol tank. Stupid comments like, you shouldn’t be driving, after being assessed by 2 advanced driving instructors & passing. Wondering where I got the large screen TV from in my car, I’ve owned for 10 years, when going to the tip to dump junk. Claiming everything I own is because I’m classed as disabled. I’m seeing, hearing & smelling the most vulgar part of society. PPMS seems to have that effect. Enlightened, wide awake & aware of the true jealous racists. I’m white & English, so it’s obviously me. Using whatever BS they can imagine. It’s all just about money & they know it. Claiming my synthesizers are for blacks. When they are made in the UK, Japan & Germany. The best yet was, I’ll get fined £80 if I don’t vote conservative & I must vote conservative if I wear a blue hoody. The life of Terry, who drives a blue car & lives on a blue planet. As seen from space. Take it easy Michelle.