Greetings, lovely people of EARTH!

Drinking my cheap roast coffee, with a pint of milky tap water, as a chaser.

Getting ready to jump on my sound equipment & blast away some cobwebs.

The ACV turns up today (Apple Cider Vinegar) & next is a batch of

The clinical experiments, are no where near, as fun as the sound journeys, to distant galaxy’s.

Now my work room is complete, I can get on with my other creative passions, away from the vultures.

With the way this system is working. I’ll be cured of this PPMS in crow time.

I’m thankful, I had the sense, to stop listening to the experts. I’d be dead by now, otherwise!

Use your Hovis folks. Stop taking in the messages from the brain dead.

Keep it real…


Okay 2x 1200MG super strength, quick release capsules taken. 2 to 3x a day.

Contains vegetable Magnesium & rice powder + ACV.

Apparently they help to detox, flush the system & support weight management.

I’ll take them for a few weeks & start the Hemp Oil from

Vitamin D3, B & E added to the mix & a glug of Omega 3 oil.

Jacket spuds, with mature cheddar & mince for lunch.


Hi Terry

Hope your new regime helps.

I am having the same as you for lunch, enjoy.

Pam x

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The hemp oil is expensive. £85 for 10ml, but if it works. It will be worth every penny.

The 2x 1200mg capsules are already turning my purple foot to a normal colour.

Who knows? Nobody, until they try.

It’s my body, I can try if I want to, try if I want to. Try if I want to.

You would try too, if PPMS was happening to you.

Enjoy them spuds Pam x


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I like the ditty Terry.

It says everything you feel!


Got got side tracked by some garlic chicken wings & the ACV kicked in. It seems to act like a laxative. The spuds will have to be for later now. There’s definitely plenty of room. I can sense why ACV is used by dieters.

Day 2 of ACV & showing some changes. I am eager to try the Hemp Oil too. To shut the idiots up.

Sick of hearing all the distracting tales. Simply to gain trust & steal anything that isn’t screwed down.

I can’t believe all the things I’ve tried so far, to defeat this onslaught of PPMS.

I’m avoiding the wheelchair & sticks now. What’s the trade off, I’m yet to find out.

Perhaps my sanity, from all the fake experts. I was far better off, before others became involved.

Good times ahead. Yay!


Terry, you rock.

I’m a fighter too. I do it more by stealth. But every so often I’ll stick my two fingers up at the lizards.

I tried to do an art class. I did it for over a year. But they used to fight to push me in my chair. Then they’d lean on the back of it. I’m a damned good artist but very few people in the group had the intelligence to be with me.

I’m thinking about another tattoo. I think my right arm deserves a treble and bass clef.


Hey Steve, I have no tattoos. Yet used to do designs for studios.

My 23 year old son is covered from head to toe. It makes me laugh when he complains about being skint & suffering with blood poisoning. I’ll be classed as hip, when I’ve got some Hemp oil. Regardless of it being medicinal, for a genuine case.

My kitchen is looking like an experimental laboratory zone for vitamins & minerals. It’s working far better than the brain dead offerings I get from the fruit cakes. I may even buy a white coat & a stethoscope to look the part. I just need to hire a sidekick nurse. With glasses & a thermometer.

Keep up the high standards dude. It’s better than becoming a clueless sewer rat, who’s bravery comes out with an alcoholic beverage. I like a drink, but it doesn’t bring out Jeckle & Hyde. I just become a silly sausage & listen to some ABBA.

Take it easy out there…


So Terry, you must have some mobility then, if you`re trying without the sticks and wheelchair, eh?

I thought about how did I stand? Or walk? Or run? After 15 years of wheelchairs, I`d be a jelly cos mucle strength is totally gone now.


My strength is virtually gone in my pipe cleaners for legs. I spent a stint in a wheel chair & decided not to give in just yet. Too many vultures about for my liking & seen some positive results from others who chose the same path.

A few months in a wheelchair was a nightmare. I live in a very stepped area, with drug addicts being every other person.

The specialist keeps telling me, I should be in a wheelchair. My walking is awful, but it get’s me about easier.

From being a cabbage on a sofa, with medication. To strutting my stuff on the holistic healthy path.

From listening to know it alls & having everything stolen. To rebuilding my muscles & taking control of my life.

I wish I had chosen to sue the GP who was diagnosing me with everything but MS for years & proscribing me medication like smarties. He retired after I collapsed & couldn’t get up. The MRI showed quite bad scarring in my brain & spine. Useless GP, refused to see me again. Covering his back & slatting me to all his local Mosques & taxi ranks. He wanted to be the lord mayor.

I grew up in this area & I’ve seen my school turned into a Mosque, along with my first place of work & see all the taxi drivers picking up the drunken school girls at the weekend. MS to me, is a nightmare, where I am. It seems to attract basket cases.

Take it easy Polls. We are all very different & at different stages in this life. Some folks are normal & some are just fruit loops.

Normal Terry

Day 3 of ACV & been sleeping a lot more. Drinking far more water & feeling dehydrated, without even doing anything.

Banana for breakfast & oatcakes for lunch. The joys of experimenting.

Even the sounds I’m creating, have taken a different path.

Next will be the hemp oil. DHL just emailed to say it’s on its way. I can chill, when all the monsters are off school.

Maybe this is the summer, I get outside to explore with sounds. Away from the gossip squad. Yay!


Day 4 of ACV & everything is okay. Noticing I’m being a bit more active, but falling more. It’s definitely improving the swelling for me personally. My veins seem more open & circulating.

The Hemp Oil from has arrived & I’ve taken my first oral drops & rubbed the balm on my problem areas.

Time will tell. The 28 day trial period begins. I’m already feeling chilled & a bit peckish.

3-5 drops 3x a day to start the treatment. Increased to up to a max of 20 drops per day.

Left in the mouth for 1 minuet & washed down with water.

It smells like a fresh mossy forest. Quite pleasant.

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Terry, you probably said it somewhere but my head is full of cotton wool today and I’ve got swit for brains.

Is it Capsules form ACV you are taking and where have you ordered it from please?

I got the capsules of ACV from Ebay. £11.99 for 90 1200 mg capsules.

Day 5 of the trial & I’m definitely getting positive results. Although I’m testing so many things, it’s difficult to pick which one is doing the business.

The Hemp Oil was expensive, but it seems to be quite good.

Vitamin B’s, C’s, D3 & E & Omega 3 oil. Trying to eat healthier & light exercising. I’m determined not to go back to the cabbage state I was in. Being able to control my destiny with driving & getting out to charity shops for a gander, is better than listening to the advice I was getting.

Listening to others, cost me my job, home, all my savings & loss of anyone I cared about.

It got to a stage, where anything I ever did in my life, was wrong. All because of a diagnosis a GP didn’t spot.

Even my hobbies were stolen, by people who wanted to seem popular.

Kicking you, when you are down. The sign of true cowards.

Making fun of how I couldn’t walk & my toilet accidents. Real degrading stuff.

I’ve got to find a cure ASAP. This all started when I was diagnosed with PPMS, so I know there is a link.

If folks can be jealous of a diagnosed disability, what hope is there? And why? Basket cases!

We shall see…


Thanks Terry. It all sounds very positive. I’ll check it out.

If nothing else, it seems to have given you a big lift and a definite focus. Happy days. :slight_smile:

Hi Terry, I love reading how you are getting on. When were you diagnosed with ppms? I think a lot of people in the past were not correctly diagnosed with ms. I have been drinking a tablespoon of acv with a teaspoon of honey topped up with hot water in a mug for over a year now. Really good for you.

Best wishes,


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Day 6 & it’s feeling good with the ACV & hemp oil combo.

Woken by a cat fight, between a male Pakistani Pimp & one of his dependant ladies. If any kids in the area didn’t know any curse words before school, they’ll be well versed now.

Oatcakes for breakfast & chicken soup for lunch.

My wings haven’t evolved just yet, but I live in hope. There’s definitely a glow appearing in my ora. Perhaps I should follow the yellow brick road & see the wizzard.

Stay cool folks & avoid the know it alls. It’s better to know nothing & go with your gut instinct.

Terry adapt until…

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Cheers Marjie, I actually brought some Honey the other day & some Blueberry jam.

My Vicks routine, isn’t bringing out quite so much rubbish lately either. It is a good sign.

I’m tempted to go & see the local, great crested newts. Perhaps in slow mo, macro, they’ll look like the dinosaurs.

Folks believe what their minds fool them to think, apparently.

Terry’s story…

Day 7 of whatever this is & basically cleansing my system. Trying to get them stem cells firing.

Optic neuritis twitching & discharge improving with the Vicks. Ears popping & getting cleared with buds & hot soapy water.

Hemp oil & ointment doing it’s thing. Possibly? ACV is definitely helping circulation. Feeling more alert & active for sure.

Totally avoiding dim wits view points & trying to re-jig this mass of oddities. Almost impossible! Yet the invisible shield of immunising seems to be doing something positive. How? I’ll never know.

My joints have been like crunchy nut cornflakes, but they seem to be freeing up with extra vitamins, minerals, oils & extracts.

I think the showers & the clean scents of freshly washed clothes is useful too. Along with never giving up.

When my body shows it’s weaknesses, it’s nap time & then it continues…

Terry fried egg.