I just started this as tablets do nothing for me , does anyone take it and if so how does it help you?


Marie xx


Sorry I don’t, but I know how I feel if nobody has the answers . Maybe they will work if you give them time . I hope this weather is starting to lift and now we are getting the lighter nights I feel marginally better I’m just battling with the fatigue .

Sorry Alysea only just spotted your post. I was doubtful before I started using CBD product, however I use the paste (purple paste 16.4%). Like many of us stress has a really bad effect on me but now the paste has a relaxing effect on me. Weird I know. I’ve never tried the oil although I was sent a sample with my last order following a chat with the CBD retailers but I’ve never tried it.

I started mine not the low % one mine is 100% a bottle lasts 10 days i buy it from the health rack baclofen does nothing for me now my neuro wants to put mt on Dantrolene hoping this will help so i can get mobile again i take 250mg twice a day of cbd oil a day.

Marie xx

Been using CBD oil for 6 months & it does naff all. It’s the strongest type too. The CBD Balm on joints is ok-ish. Apple Cider Vinegar, B12, D3 & Omega 3 oils do me far more good. A spoon full of honey. Lemon, Lime, Bicarbonate of Soda in a glass of warm water & I’m sorted. Terry

Puddle, I do wish you’d start a Puddle recipe/food/good stuff thread so all your recommendations are in the same place!


Hi there Tippy. I just randomly post what I’ve been trialing myself after watching YouTube & speaking to the wise generation. They didn’t have all this technology & so many so called medical experts before my parents were born in the 20’s. Some of the old wives tales actually work. They didn’t have a barage of information like today. Fact based experiments. MS isn’t a new desease. I’m still researching myself Tippy in a desperate attempt to stop my own progression. I tried listening to idiots & my head kept spinning. Nut houses & measured up for a coffin is all the support I’ve had. The sooner I get off this merry go round. The better! Seeing others with all the different varients of MS at the local MS group has helped loads. It breaks my heart to hear some of the stories & care home sollutions of today. Message me, if anyone needs a break down. Or keep taking the cereal bowl of medications. Whatever works. Terry