Cbd oil

I bought some from the herbalist in the village today . It wasn’t cheap I looked at a few different strengths and ended up buying the capsuals . The lady said they were very good at helping with anxiety and lots of people with ms come in to buy them. Her nephew uses them and she has used the liquid ones that you put under your tongue. They were £ 39.50 for 30 capsules but you are supposed to take 2 a day. The liquid was a similar price and should have lasted about 5 days. Any one know how long they will take to work ?? I also saw the gp and asked for more cbt he agreed that it would help. I refused the anti depressants, I’ve got Frazer now and maybe the cbd capsuals will help . Unfortunately you can’t get them on prescription . Michelle and Frazer xx


I am pleased you have taken the plunge and are trying CBD.

I am curious to know what the CBD content is of the capsules. For instance, the paste I use is 16.4% CBD.

As to taking effect, it will vary from one person to the next. It started working for me within a week. If you find it beneficial, you may wish to consider other sources, such as the one I mentioned on previous posts, as the capsules do sound expensive.

Best of luck with the CBD and CBT double-whammy!


Hiya Michelle,

i hope you’re feeling a bit better than you were. I’m pleased you’re giving the CBD a go, everything is well worth a try.

Let us know how you get on.

Take care and all the best. Jane X

Good luck with it, definitely worth a try.

Sonia x

Well it helped me get off to sleep , and i have felt calmer , its early days . But iv just woken up my ears are ringing so loud , it’s like I’m going crazy, normally I would be panicking , but I feel strangely detached from it , I’m back to the GPS today, I’ve got a 9,45 appointment to get the right one syringed . I wanted antibiotics but didn’t get them so I’m in a bit of pain too. I’m not sure that it’s a good idea to have the it syringed they say you shouldn’t if it’s infected …but hey what do I know. The “gate keeper” secretary wasn’t going to fight my corner for me . My mri is in 3 weeks I hope that the ear infection will have gone by then and the tinnitus calmed down. The CBD oil is expensive but worth it if I can get rid of this anxiety before my mri scan . I’m not sure that I will be able to afford it after that. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Alun , it’s by a company called nature’s plus. I’m not sure how to work it out. I think it’s probably a low dose the side of the bottle says cannabis saliva oil (Ariel extract 50 mg. I’m not sure what that means . You are meant to take 2 a day but I am just taking 1 a day to make them last . Do you think that’s okay Alun . I trust the herbalist it’s one in the village that everyone goes to John the owner is lovely and wouldn’t sell anything that wasn’t okay . His prices are slightly higher but it’s a family run business that has been there for years . John actually prefers the drops the ones you put under your tongue but they would have lasted only 5 days at the dose given on the bottle. I know Holland and Barrett are probably cheaper , I’m not sure if they’d be Any good. Any advice would be much appreciated. Michelle and Frazer xx


I cannot find this product to check its content, despite many searches. It’s probably my incompetence.

I wouldn’t recommend the H&B CBD oil as it has a low content. I still think the best source is CBD Brothers, as I recommended previously. I agree that oil or paste is preferable as it can be administered under the tongue giving a more immediate access to your bloodstream. Not only are they more economical but they will send you samples to try on request. However, I do understand your wish to buy locally.

What a difference a day makes; it’s beautiful and warm here in Suffolk after yesterday’s incessant rain and high winds.

Best wishes,


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Hi Michelle

I’m pleased that the CBD capsules have worked for you, maybe vaping it would work out cheaper than tablets, its supposed to be good to vape, My son’s friend vapes it for bad pain and it helps him a lot.I am thinking of trying it for my anxiety.

J x

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Hi Michelle & Frazer,

Glad to hear that the CBD oil helped you get off to sleep and that it’s helping you feel calmer, I know it’s early days for you yet but fingers crossed it will continue to help you.

It does sound expensive for how much you get but if it’s working/helping you then you’ll always find a way to afford it.

How did you get on at the Doctors, hope that went well?

Twinkle Toes x

Ive bought some cbd oil from H&B very expensive l got the low strength to start been using it for 2 days l think it does help but early days. It does help me sleep though which is a bonus. Wish l could afford it on a regular basis.

It is expensive I managed to get capsules from the herbalist . Apparently they take out the psychotic part of it so it’s completely legal. It was £39 pounds for a months worth , I don’t have many left now it had 60 capsules and I only took one at night so they’ve lasted nearly 2 months. The ear infection I thought I had wasn’t an ear infection but trigeminal neuritus, I take amitriptyline for it. I wasnt keen on the side affects of amitriptyline, they make me feel a groggy but it’s not as bad as when I first started it , my body must have got used to it. Michelle and Frazer xx

Ouch that must have been painful im glad meds are helping with the pain l pwrsonally hate taking meds but like most on here dont have any alternative at times. I take gabapentin and dont find that too bad. I take URSO for my PBC and calcium tablets. xx

Hi Michelle

Try taking the amitriptyline earlier in the evening, that’s what I do and it helps with the groggy feeling.

Hope this helps.

Pam x

Hi Michelle,

I Take amytripteline for nerve pain too and like Pam I take it early, usually about seven or after our evening meal and I don’t suffer any side effects and I’m on 150mg.

Take Care Michelle,

Nina x

I’ve tested quite a few different brands of CBD oil. Some very expensive & some cheap. From 10ml in a pipit to 500ml in a bottle. I usually get the CBD oils from Ebay. They even sell it in supermarkets in the cooking oil section. From numerous tests, over a two year period. I’m going to save my money. Apple Cider Vinegar is awesome! I turn it into sprays, a food additive, shampoo & feet soak. Add some Honey, Baking Soda, Garlic, Epsom Salts, multi vitamins & let nature work its magic. Since trialling my cocktail, I’m signed off from the Neurologist, MS Nurse & see no GP. A few litres of water & some light exercises & doing as much as possible to keep active. Getting the system rebooted to accept all the goodies, circulating around my body. I still have problems, but I find that focusing on more positive goals helps with the overhaul condition. I rate CBD oil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Red Krill Oil, Omega 3 oil & all the other healthy oils. My CBD oil is now drizzled on salads & added to cooking. Hazel nut oil is as expensive as CBD oil, but it’s way more tasty. Terry

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i have just started vaping cbd oil.

i got it from CBD brothers.

it is the purple edition cbd oil.

cost £15.72 plus shipping via royal mail.

total including vat £21.67.

i started using it yesterday and i love it.

i bought a new vaping kit from a stall on my local market.

the guy who owns it knows a lot about cbd oil but he wasn’t in (i was very early) so his mother came to serve me.

she says that she is unable to smoke or vape due to a lung condition but she uses cream.

i asked her what the cream is made off and it is made from the buds!

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I am glad it works for you.

I haven’t tried vaping, and I probably won’t, because of the smoke inhalation. I am obtaining very good results from the paste and I can see myself continuing with it for as long as I am granted time on this earth.

I use the Green Edition in the morning and lunchtime followed by a dose of the Purple Edition in the evening.

I have tried the balm with limited results. However, I will stick with the paste as it provides consistent pain relief plus other benefits.

Happy vaping!



Using CBD oil for medical purposes is all good. I am sick of peddlers, trying to push what they grow in their loft or poly tunnels in the countryside. Telling folks it’s the miracle cure for everything. Getting aggressive, when others don’t agree with their choice to get high & avoid reality. Live next to dealers for a few years & you’ll understand my view point. Always wondering if you’ve locked your doors, to avoid the opportunistic scum bags. If they know you have a problem, some cowards prey on vulnerability. Any excuse for the easy life. I can get locked up for thinking what I want to do to such low lives. They give CBD a bad reputation & they are so paranoid they convince you, that you’re the one with the problem. I’ll steer clear of advertising CBD, no matter how useful it could be. There’s no need for me to buy it. The whole street reeks of it. Yo know what I mean mon! Put some Bob Marley on the radio. We’re all going to Zion, with the Lion. All I want, is to remove creases with a steam Iron. Terry Trent barmy.

Hi all. I’ve had PPMS for 6 years now. Has anyone else with PPMS tried CBD oil, and did it have any effect? I would be interested to know before I try it. Many thanks - hope you are all well (ailments permitting) Stuart

Hiya Stuart,

well, I started taking CBD capsules a week ago. I get mine from Zipvit. 30 capsules cost £18.99 and 90 costs £49.99 (I think). I take 2 at lunch time and 2 at bed time and they work for me. I still struggle with my arms and hands but, somehow, it feels easier, if that makes any sense. It’s hard to explain but I am feeling benefits.

Hope that helps. Jane