CBD Oil for MS

Hi Everyone, I have been using CBD oil to treat various MS symptoms including pain and I am seeing quite good results. Has anyone used CBD oil and if so how did you get on with it?


Am also taking CBD oil cheery flavour find it very good used it for about 2 wks finding it good though . Won’t make us totally better but if it does something for us then it’s worth it xx

I have been using full-spectrum CBD oil and CBD cream together and as you said it is not going to cure or solve anything but it definitely helps with the pain. I definitely don’t want to be taking painkillers every day.

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Is CBD oil approved by some medical institution or is it 100% experimental treatment? So far I’ve been ordering only Tracfidera from canadian pharmacy but after 2 weeks on this meds there is no improvement actually. My doctor tells me to be patient …

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Which CBD oil do you have? How do you use and what does it help you with? Thank you, sorry I’m new to all this and was thinking about vaping CBD. Thanks

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Im using Dr.Hemp Me’s 20% CBD oil. I get tingling pains which makes it really hard to fall asleep at night. The CBD definitely eases the pain and is also very good for sleep in general.

In Ireland it is sold as a food supplement which means it has no medicinal benefits but in truth most people taking CBD oil are taking it for medical issues. There has been a lot of research done. I found this resource very helpful. They have a whole section on MS and CBD clinical studies.

I get similar pains I must give this a bit if research. I heard of CBD years ago but i am always sceptical of the latest health trend however this one seems to be staying so maybe it has some merit.

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It has no side effects so its always worth a try.

I tired CBD gummies from a company called feel good. Thought that this would be a good entry point as was nervous with stronger CBD. Its been helping a bit and dampened some of my symptoms. Really interesting to hear other people’s experience with CBD.

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I was convinced it would help me and have tried lots of different brands, oil or paste. Unfortunately for me it has zero effect. It probably varies from person to person. Good luck

Was it a full spectrum, isolate or broad spectrum?

If it wasn’t full spectrum I would try again with this one. Definitely, the optimal way to take CBD.

I have just been prescribed Sativex and the dosage is gradual. Has any one any experience with this spray?

No, I have not. Are you finding it helpful?

I am based in Ireland and getting a cannabis license is near enough impossible at the moment.

I use CBD oil and salve. I think it helps with insomnia and pain. THC oil is legal where I live and that works even better.