Has anyone tried cbd oil?

Me, I stopped as it wasn’t doing anything significant. Summer is my worst time so I might give it another go…if the sun ever shines in my part of the country

Jan x

Yes I have used it for some time now not going to make any wild claims but I sleep better it’s helped bladder problems muchly

Difficult to know how else it’s helped .

I used it for a while but have since stopped as it doesn’t seem to be effective anymore. I used to find it stopped my legs from spasming but no longer seems to help

I love it (not the taste) reduces my violent spasms massively

I’m the same as Charlotte

I’ve tried it about 18 months ago it did helped my leg cramps at night. I’m thinking about giving it another go because I’ve just stopped talking pregablin for night time cramming due to it making me tired during the day. Neil


I am happy with the result of my CBD oil.

I am sleeping now!!!

One can say: It is a placebo effect but still I am happy that I can sleep all night. No nightmares, no sleepless hours, no pain!!!

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After all, I research about CBD oil and found a good explanation here.

Hope this can help you too!


I just want to say here that CBD oil and its cbd benefits are very good for everybody especially for those persons who are always suffering from the stress and body pain.

Where can I obtain CBD oil?

Boots sell it online only.

Also Holland and Barrett who have it in their stores.

Did absolutely nothing for me.

Even the herbalist, who was selling it to me at £70 per bottle advised me to “stop wasting my money”.

I tried it for about 5 months before giving up on it.

Cant remember the brand but it was a high strength oil.

Just remember that we are all different, and will all have different experiences & results from any type of medication.

Problem with alot of cbd oils is the strength - therefore effects are minimal

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I was also informed that to get best results from a CBD oil or any cannabis related product for MS related symptoms, the CBD or THC needs to come from specific strains of cannabis, and proportioned to a specific % .

Not sure how much truth is in this though ?

My understanding is that Sativex for example is manufactured from a specific strain to exact propotions of CBD/THC, not any old crop of weed will do !!

If that was the case I’m sure some of the lads at work would invite me up to their attics most weekends


I’ve been using 15% cbd oil for about 18 months now with success, 4 drops in the morning and 4 before going to bed. It definitely helps with my lower left leg/foot cramps and fidgety leg while sitting or lying in bed. Lower % doses are useless as far as I’m concerned and only use sellers with good reviews on a certain online selling site. Why not stick with the one seller I hear you ask? Well the answer is they run out of supplies.


I’m fairly sure that a good quality CBD oil or Sativex will indeed help with muscle pain, spasms, cramp ect, especially at night whilst trying to sleep, but I’ve not read any reports where they have offered better mobility in the sense of walking distance, reducing heavy/stiff legs.

When I suggested this to my MS consultant he said that the small number of patients at the clinic who have reported some benefit from using either CBD oil or Sativex have said it gives some relief from pain associated with spasms/cramps ect, and in some cases reducing tremors, but no reports of actually offering better mobility.

As always, everyone is different and each will have their own experiences to tell.

I tried Sativex spray for three months , it didn’t help with muscle pain or spasms but I did lose two stone as a side effect . I was told by my pain consultant that only 30% of people with ms find Sativex helpful with pain and spasm management .Also only 10% have reduced appetite .

I don’t like to say this, but in my opinion Sativex isn’t all its cracked up to be !

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Quality CBD oil will help everyone. Some perhaps more than others but it’s all about the product, the strength and the commitment to taking it.

I take cbd oil but not the stuff you buy from chemists or Holland and Barretts that’s very weak and a waste of money, It does help with some mild symptoms but to be really effective for MS symptoms like pain, spasms, tremors and mood you need the good stuff you buy online (I get mine from the Netherlands) The strain that cbd oil is made from has aloud me to come off Amitriptyline, Gabapentin, Bacofen and Frampyra and replace them with 3 drops of cbd oil at night and sometimes If I feel i need it 2 drops in the morning.

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