cannabis oil


Does anyone have any information / experience of the use of cannabis oil CBD not THC. I’m wondering of it helps in any way at all with pain or other symptoms?

All thoughts appreciated


I don’t have any information to offer you, but can I suggest that you repost with a change of title? Maybe to CBD or CBD oil? (Is there such a thing? I’ve heard of CBD paste, but not oil.)

Because you’ve given it the title cannabis oil, people might think you are looking for a dealer in the illegal stuff!


I’ve replied to your other post. I’ve tried the CBD paste (there is cbd oil Sue). The taste is vile, it is expensive and did absolutely nothing for me! My neurologist told me it may be the placebo effect that people feel better, but someone is making a lot of money. Use the money to have reflexology sessions. I feel I can run after mine!

Hi, it really helped me with pain and sleep, everyone is different so its worth a try

I recently asked a similar question, CBD for use in an e-cig (oil, juice, liquid, whatever it is called) and was told 10% was a good level to start. I hope this helps, but as I said, I’d ask my Nurse, as well.

Holland and Barrett sell the oil which you put a couple of drops under the tongue, it helped with the pain and sleep but as previous post said everyone is different.

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I started using CBD oil from Holland and Barrett a little while ago - it has helped take the edge of the pain I have and also does seem to have a calming effect - maybe it is the placebo effect but I doubt it would be so widely used if it really was just that. But even if it is, who cares - if it works it works.

I use cbd oil soft jelly seems to relax and has made a huge differance to my bladder problems (for the better), so I will keep taking it .

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I use CBD oil and like others it helps with my pain and spasms !! Just got to be careful where you get the oil from,a reputable supplier

Wrote below to Amber Rudd yesterday.

Rt. Hon. Amber Rudd MP

Secretary of State, Work and Pensions

Secretary of State,

With reference to your viewing on Question Time; you were asked about Medical Marihuana. Although being legalised for medical use; the people who this drug; under the brand name Sativex; may find beneficial also find it impossible to obtain.

I am one of these people; suffering from MS for 44 years. I purchase CBD Oil from Boots the Chemist for some £70 and it does reduce my spasms to some extent. This drug is about 50 times weaker than Sativex; as found in another TV programme ‘Rip off Britain.’

Could you please advise when this will become more easily available? Personally I am not worried about the cost; I will find the money; but it does worry me that there are literary thousands of people who are not in my situation and cannot afford even a dose to try.

On your reply can I ask; please do not patronise me by starting your reply ‘I am sorry to hear you suffer from MS.’

Thank you.

I’m not holding my breath.


I’ve tried CBD oil occasionally. I suffer terribly from stiffness and spasms. Sometimes when the spasms are really bad I’ve not wanted to up my medication but have tried some oil under the tongue. It doesn’t work quickly but I have difficulties gauging the dose anyway. It does give me good night’s sleep though. It is worth a try and does no harm.

Hi Have read the posts and the information has helped but still unsure how to choose the correct product. Called in at Holland and Barrett and was amazed by the number of choices available, left without purchasing anything! Will give it more thought and maybe call the nurse.