Hi everyone, I will have to try harder to stay on this site. Has anybody tried the hemp oil you put under your tongue and did it work or do anything at all. I’m thinking of trying reiki as the physio says she can’t do anything for me.

i have used CBD oil under my tongue.

it tastes vile though.

however it does help with pain.

Thanks that helps a lot, this devil’s disease has taken my taste might be worth trying it for less pain. The cost put me off if it did nothing

I’ve been using 1500 mg CBD Oil for three months, three drops under the tongue twice a day. It has had no effect on my pain/sensations at all although I do think it may have calmed my “restless legs” a little bit. My friend thinks I seem a little better since using the drops.

I am going to stop using in a week or so then I’ll see if I feel worse, if I do I’ll start using it again.

I’ll post as to what I decide in a couple of months.

Jan x