cbd oil

Hello all

Does anyone use CBD oil? What are your thoughts/experiences? I’m thinking of using it and would love to hear from you.

Thanks from Tina x

i got the purple edition oil and vaped it. (about £25)

it took the edge off my nerve pain.

then i went for a stronger oil, the white edition which is 3 drops under the tongue. (btw it tastes rank!) (about £70)

both were from CBD Brothers.

i have also bought an oil from surepure who have a facebook page.

both firms were easy to deal with and delivered very quickly.

i discontinued with all neuropathic painkillers because the side effects made me miserable.

so i’m only using CBD oil and gin!!!

Hi, ive just bought Purple CBD Oil from CBD Brothers and im keen on hearing others experiences as im totally new to this CBD stuff but keep hearing its brilliant for the pain, so i’ll follow this too!