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Hi, has anyone used CBD?



Hello Fiona,

I have been taking CBD paste three times a day for nearly a year now. It has helped enormously with neuropathic pain and I believe it has improved my bladder control.

I have PPMS and I no longer take any prescription pain relief as the CBD is sufficient in itself. I follow a daily routine of exercises, take a high does of Biotin and stick to the Jelinek diet.

I buy the paste from CBD Brothers. Are you using CBD? If so, I would like to hear how it works for you.

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I wonder if the CBD oil Holland & Barrett are selling is any good. I wonder how the strength compare with this one, being sold over the counter or how it might differ from some bought from companies off the internet?

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I have finally looked at the CBD content for the Holland&Barrett product in comparison with the CBD Brothers range.

I use the Purple edition paste which contains 16.4% CBD from cannabis plants grown organically outside. The H&B product appears only to contain 2.75% CBD, which is low. It may be effective in certain conditions, who knows, as I have not tried it.

I would recommend the Purple edition paste for reasons given above. I mix it with a little hemp oil to aid ingestion.


CBD Brothers are very good. They also have a fb group. Lots of info - online.

I’ll be honest, my opinion & no disrespect mean’t!!! I find more relief from cannabis it’s self, Holland & Barrett products are not good, they rely on people who haven’t looked things up. I have tested scientifically their products against other suppliers, wouldn’t touch em, go to health food shop, they have more idea. xx


Hi Tracey, how do you take cannabis it’s self. Do you get it legally? I don’t like to smoke but I do vape. Is it possible to get it in oil to vape? Ella

Hi Ella, no I’m afraid mine is illegal. I vape & my son in law makes the oil for me. It’s ground very finely & left to infuse for a few days. I do take it another way, not smoked though. Tracey xx

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Thanks Tracey, I will try and grind it down but what does he infuse with? Is it weed or solid ? Sorry about all the questions. Ella x

Thanks Tracey, I’ll try it xx

I use cannabis high in CBD like Tracy with a vaporizer its brillant for pain it terrible medical cannabis its not legal.

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Lot of debate on it at the mo Simone, big piece in the mail yesterday & on radio 2 this morn, my neurological pain in my legs is horrendous, especially at night, only thing that helps. Pain consultant has put me forward for spinal nerve stimulator, it’s very invasive though, would rather the ‘herbal’ remedy any day, just a shame we are made to feel like criminals, the effects it provides far out ways the threat of prosecution though. Pity they don’t spend more time analysing the effects of the ‘legal’ drugs & their lovely side effects. Not for everyone granted, but works for me xx

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^^ Like!

I’m wondering where Fiona went?!

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Hi Alun. Been checking online. Not sure what quantity to order. Considering 3g? Exchange rate makes this about €32 plus P&P. No idea of dosage and how long this might last. A bit reluctant to buy a larger amount in case I don’t find it beneficial. Can I ask what size you buy and how long this lasts you please?


I am finding that 5g lasts about 5 weeks. I take three doses a day; each dose is about 1cm in length.

I can see why you might wish to try the smaller size but the postage will be expensive by comparison. For what it’s worth, they offer a 10% discount on orders over £60 using the code CBD10D.

Best wishes


Thank you very much Alun. That’s given me some idea of how much to order and how long I might expect it to last. I think I’ll place an order this evening.

Hi Tracey, I’ve been a member for nearly a week now and was beginning to fear the whole cannabis/sativex/cbd oil debate had gone cold around 2012 … which is what you come up with if you type cannabis into the main search box. Your particular reply (above) was the type of thing I was hoping to read, for two reasons really - the horrendous leg nerve pain, especially at night, and what can be done from a thc/cbd (sativex even) perspective, when it doesn’t seem possible to reduce that pain, no matter how many prescription meds are taken. I must have put in hundreds of online hours now, researching the whole subject and weighing up the pros and cons. You go round in circles a bit but ultimately, with things as they are, I’ve decided it is what I want to try next … and not another prescription drug. I’m in a power chair all the time now, except for standing to transfer to stairlift etc. Without that ability to stand … I’m sort of ******, and certainly would have to move from here - to some facility or other maybe (not!). A lot of my other time is spent looking at how the Nitschke debate is going re the uk, only because I believe it is the decent approach, if and when things did turn that bad.

So I hope that this tells you that I am serious about trying some form of the plant. Like the other lady, I’d prefer not to have to smoke it … I don’t think It’d feel right having a joint in one hand and an inhaler in the other! The food ways look good but really complicated! To make butter it seemed like a five hour job, with lots of specialised equipment. I nearly bought this machine from Canada, where you bung everything in, and you only have to wait two hours! To be honest, someone has donated an amount of the relevant stuff, but when you read (too much!) about it … do I need to know the strain, is mine the real thing and not tampered with … etc etc!

I would just like a relaxing of the nerve pain, which started in the feet about six years ago, and is now all the way up the legs … making it difficult to even sit comfortably. I did consider paying for a private prescription of sativex - just to get an idea of a mild dosage, but I think the chances of getting a gp or neuro to write you one are very, very slim! Any advice would be most welcome. Best wishes, chris x

Bolan I am pretty much like you, although I can stand a short time to relieve the pain through sitting, bloody vicious circle isn’t it?! I have gone round the houses, so to speak, incase I am edited! I am very lucky in the fact I have my ‘products’ made for me. I also vape it, but somehow with you using an inhaler it might not be practical. I don’t use resin, you really don’t know what’s in it. Mine is green, proper plant green, with the stalks!!! Get the ‘green’ variety, you could try a vape, without the nictotine in it? The vapour is basically glycerine, I have mine ground & steeped for a few days, worth a try! Hope that helps, it does take away the pain, considerably, Tracey x

Thanks Tracey, it definitely helps. I have trouble summarising, as you can probably tell!, but the inhaler … no breathing issues but then, about 2011/12, I had an epidural re the ms (only my suspicion as my mum had it too) - that went a bit wrong they told me, but everything seemed ok Then, a week or so later I had a fall, smashed a vase I was carrying on the sink and fell onto the broken glass severing a tendon. I came out of hospital but was rushed back in twice over the next few weeks struggling to breathe. Months later, following basic breathing tests at home, they diagnosed early onset copd. Once everything had settled down, I did used to wonder if they’d got that wrong, as I didn’t feel as though I had a major breathing issue. Anyway I stopped smoking and probably used the inhaler too much, as though I’d get some sort of buzz from it I think! At least the tests began in earnest because of all that nonsense, with mri scans etc. Still took until the end of 2013 to be officially diagnosed with ppms - by which time I was full time in the wheelchair. I’ll bet you’ve got a similar story? … maybe not quite so dramatic!

I do get breathing troubles now, but it’s mainly due to panic, and is exacerbated by the ms - usually at night when need to pee quickly … the trouble is, the need to breathe is always the first priority … so now I just have the plastic bottle perched on the wall grab rail over the bed. Sorry, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I do hope you have some idea where I’m at with it all - as I never imagined I’d be speaking with a lady about such things!

I agree about the resin, that’s what everyone seemed to use back in the day - I always wanted to give it a good try then, but it never seemed to happen! But as you say, that could be mixed with other stuff. When you say you have yours ground, is it dried then first? … naive or what! I’m not even sure nicotine is a problem in it’s pure state, and I did find quite a few web pages suggesting cannabis could actually be beneficial for copd - if you get an easing of tightness, tension and the ridiculous pain, I don’t think there’d be any need to panic! I have a bit of a problem when people call it ‘pins and needles’ or buzzing’ - that’s the feeling I’d hope for after taking something which helps!! Do, or did you find, the benefit came after a period of time, or can it ease in a more immediate way … i.e. after an hour or so? 20 questions, sorry Tracey! best wishes, Chris x