CBD oil

So I’m considering starting CBD oil.

I’m not getting great results from Baclofen or Pregablin, so thinking of trying an “alternative” source.

Problem is that the Internet is a bloody mine field of confusing info.

I know that CBD from hemp is used as the medicinal form but trying to work out which brand, dosage ect is a nightmare.

So if anyone has tried CBD I would really appreciate their thoughts and advice.


thanks. I’m going to see a Herbalist next week who apparently deals with a lot of MS sufferers and has a very good reputation in this field. How did you know which strength/ dosage to go for ?

Take a look at this thread as it may answer some of your questions.

I have been using CBD paste, obtained from CBD Brothers, for over a year now with good results. I no longer take Gabapentin for neuropathic pain and it has also helped with bladder urge incontinence, improved my sleeping pattern and improved my sense of wellbeing.

In terms of strength I am using a paste with a minimum of 16.4% CBD. That’s the Purple edition from CBD Brothers.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Alun.

I’ve checked out a few sites, including CBD Brothers.

It’s not cheap so I want to try and get as much info as possible before committing.