I want to try CBD OIL for fatigue.I have been recommended cbd brothers - they offer various types identified by the colour of the bottle cap.Can anyone advise please

I’ve tried CBD Bros and they seem a reputable company. I tried it for pain at night (ms hug). It helped with sleeping a bit but the benefits for me soon wore off. Good luck

Jon. I’m following your posts too. I’ve asked similar question about what colour is best for pain. No real straight answers though. It’s not a cheap product and I’d like to get it right.

Hello Jon,

I have been a regular user of CBD for about two years now and it works well for me.

I use the 14% paste during the day as it seems to help with keeping me alert; I take two doses, one when I wake up and the other at lunch.

In the evening I take the 16.4% paste as I find this helps better with sleep and has a more mellowing effect.

They both work very well to reduce neuropathic pain, by the way.

I prefer the paste to the oil; I find the latter very messy.

Best wishes with your choice.


interesting too

I was really excited to get a bottle of CBD oil. Hoping so much that it would help me! Well it certainly made me sleep, but I think I must be very affected by THC, because even though the THC quantity in the oil was supposed to be too minute to be psycoactive, I find the brain fog heaps worse on days when I’ve taken CBD the night before. Praps it does lessen spasms and any pain, but, for me difficulty thinking clearly could the most disabling MS feature. Even though feeling a little ‘stoned’ is not unpleasant, it doesn’t help with those cognitive issues!

Would be interested to hear other MS folks experience.

I got my oil from LOVE CBD. Haven’t tried the paste, the oil came with a dropper which I find easy to use

Best Wishes to All

Still wondering what colour people have used.

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I agree Poppy - 7 replies but not one mentions the colour type recommended.BTW my neurologist prescribed MODAFINAL for fatigue. It works great and is clinically proven. Look it up on internet.The downside is that you are not meant to take it daily and sometimes the energy boost is such that you exhaust yourself charging around that you’re done in the next day.

thought i should let you know - I got some samples of cbd oil. one was the green one which is made from the sativa plant. this gave me a small energy boost, improved my cooordination and stopped my muscle spasms.

I also tried the purple one which is indica based. It helped with muscle spasms.

try those

I’ve used the white and red from CBD brothers. The white worked well for me. Hope this helps