So I’m just wondering whoever has tried CBD what type of CBD product they chose and why.

Many will know theres oil, paste, vape, gum, capsuls, sprays, lotions ect ect.

I’ve only tried the oil version under the tongue, and was thinking of maybe trying a paste next time, mainly because I feel that holding the oil under the tongue generates a lot of saliva and might be reducing it’s effects, just a thought ?

I’ve not noticed a real difference in my MS symptoms so thats another reason for trying a different type of CBD and another brand.

Even though I’ve not felt any huge improvement with the particular oil I’ve tried, I’m still fairly confident that if the right product and brand is used there will be benefits.

So maybe if we try to get a general census on whats popular/unpopular, and the outcomes maybe it will help others looking to try CBD.

A bit of a review if you like, possibly adding brand dosage ect !

So the oil I tried was, Improve Me 1000mg (5 drops 3 or 4 x daily) £59.95 for 10ml bottle.

Bottle lasted about 3-4 weeks

No significant improvement, maybe a very slight relaxation in spasticity.

I use soft gels seem to help me relax and sleep better

Bladder control better to

I use a cocktail of CBD products supplied by CBD Brothers.

I take the following three times a day:

Purple Edition paste (16.4% CBD) – about a half centimetre or so from the syringe

Green Edition oil (14% CBD) – two or three drops

The cost is as follows:

Purple Edition paste (5mls) – £36.45

Green Edition oil (30mls) - £22.45

The paste lasts about five weeks, but the oil may last up to three months especially if you stretch it by adding a little more hemp oil.

The benefits for me? No need to take any neuropathic pain killers; improved bladder control; improved sleep pattern and a general improvement in wellbeing. Definitely worth the money.

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How do you take the paste ?

Squeeze some onto a spoon and put it under your tongue. Let it melt for about two minutes and then you can swallow it.

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Trying to work out the most cost effective CBD amount per bottle per dose is a bit of a minefield.

The dosage on the product I’ve tried says 1000mg in a 10ml £59.95

The dosage instructions say, 5 drops give 250mg of which 25mg is pure CBD

I’ve worked that out to be 10% pure CBD per 1000mg (10ml bottle)

Think thats right ?

Looking at the CBD Brothers website they seem to be far more expensive for similar calculations of CBD amount . compared to other brands.

Having being said though, there is always the consideration of quality.

Perhaps a CBD oil product with say a 6% or 8% value in 10ml might be more beneficial than a lower quality oil with a 10% in value in 10ml ?

Like I’ve already said, it’s a bit of a minefield trying to find the best quality & amount for you money.

Hi I want to start taking cbd. I have read it’s good for accurate fatigue amongst other things 1-I am on Tysarbri once a month 2-at the moment citalopam one 20 mg Modafinal 4 a day 4,clonazopram 20mg 5- ranatadine once a day I want to cut down on these meds and have cbd instead although I have no idea where to start. Please help


New to this but I use the oils under the tongue. I got mine from a bit expensive I must say but they are very quick in getting it out. I use their peppermint oil as I couldn’t stomach the taste of Holland and barret. I also used their teas also and was pleasantly surprised by the taste.

i have tried the cbd brothers purple oil which i vaped.

now i have the white edition which is 3 drops under tongue.

i also have some oil by surepure also 3 drops under tongue.

i was also sent a cream for applying to skin.

i’ve been a bit hit and miss so i promise to take it seriously and will report back when i have some meaningful data.

I first came on the forum about a month ago, seeking views on the use of CBD products for my wife who has SPMS. I received a deal of help from a number of folks, for which l am most grateful, and subsequently started my wife on CBD paste (16.4%). We are just completing the fourth week - dose about a 1cm length of paste ex syringe under the tongue, 3 times per day. At this time, my wife says that she does not feel that she has experienced any particular benefit from the CBD. For what it’s worth, from my perspective, l have to agree. I therefore thought that it was a good time to seek a view from forum member’s as to their experience over a similar timescale. Regards BigT

I have been using oil for approx six weeks now, I haven’t noticed a significant difference although my son and a friend say they have noticed a difference in me. It helps that the weather has cooled down these last few weeks and as a consequence I am more mobile and less fatigued.

I am going to finish the oil I have then stop using it then if I feel worse I will restart. Does anyone know if I should reduce it rather than come off it abruptly?

Jan x