CBD oil

This is probably a silly question but has anyone tried CBD hemp oil, and has it helped with spasms or pain?

Thanks for any replies

Hi Corkie

There’ve been loads of posts about CBD. Try searching just CBD.


hi corkie

i have some CBD oil which i sometimes use if the pain is too much.

just 3 drops under the tongue.

it tastes absolutely vile!

Thank you Ssssu

You are right, I’ve just been looking and i think I’ve found what I need. I guessed there must be others who were using it.

Wendy x

I cannot get on with the paste. Bleurgh! Having to rub it on the gum or hold under the tongue for slow release. Can someone advise what oil they find the best please? Going to order from the group of brothers where I got the paste from and try again.


The answers to your questions are yes and yes.

I have been using the paste for well over a year now with good results. Avoid the low concentration products and use a paste or oil with a minimum 14% CBD.

As you seem to have searched previous posts, I will not add any further remarks. To me, it appears to be a wonder product and I would be an advocate or ambassador for it, if asked.

Best wishes,


Hi Alun. Do you have any idea what oil is best to start with please? Looking for pain relief around my knee of the leg with no mobility. Anything else would be a bonus.

Hello Poppy,

sorry for squeezing myself in this conversation about pain.

But I just wanted to mention, have you ever tried organic mustard powder for it? It does soothe the body up for me atleast.

Maybe you could give it a try?

It tastes quite bland, so it can be easily mixed up in warm water, or soups.

Hope it helps.


Hello Poppy,

I too used to suffer from pain and discomfort around the area of my right knee. This sounds like a corny advert, but I have largely said goodbye to the aches and pains blues since I started using CBD.

I started using CBD about two years ago; I began with oil but I found it very messy and tricky to use, as it was sensitive to temperature changes. I then changed to the paste.

I take three measures a day from the syringe in which the paste is stored. I use a 14% CBD paste in the morning and lunchtime; in the evening I change to a 16.4% CBD paste. It’s a personal choice as I find the 16.4% paste a little too relaxing during the day but ideal for the evening and night. The 14% paste provides the same benefits but keeps me more alert. It affects people in different ways.

At the risk of repeating what I have said in other posts, the benefits for me are as follows:

reduced neuropathic pain and discomfort. I do not find the need for prescription medication such as Gabapentin.

improved bladder control and retention.

improved sleep pattern.

a better sense of wellbeing.

I may not be able to attribute all those benefits solely to CBD as I also take 300mgs of Biotin daily, carry out exercises suggested by my physiotherapist and follow the Swank diet. However, it is a vital weapon in my arsenal, so to speak.

I source my paste from CBD Brothers. Their website is very useful, if you are unsure which product to try.

I hope this helps; do ask if you have further questions.

Best wishes,


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Thanks for the comprehensive reply Alun. However, as I said in post 5, I simply cannot get on with the paste. This is why I’m asking about which oil might be best to start with.


Do forgive my inattention, as I missed your essential point.

In this case, I would recommend trying the equivalent 16.4% oil; the Purple Edition from the same company. They also do an oil equivalent of the 14% called the Green Edition.

The only tip I can offer with the oil is to store it at room temperature to keep it runny and easy to administer.



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