Hi everyone. I have just purchased CBD oil from CBD Brothers (Purple edition 16%) and just wondering how you find it and how you take it? I’ve literally just put two drops under my tongue and thinking i do that daily and very slowly increase amount if required. I am hoping that it will ease the pain, everywhere. Ive been waiting a while on “professional advice” and just thought i would go for it, ordered yesterday afternoon and its just arrived. So hoping for advice on how to use it and your opinions on the benefits. I’m not a smoker so vaping doesnt suit which ive heard a lot of people choose to do. I only use Copaxone and take multivitamins, standard painkillers dont touch the pain so i dont bother.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Hello Alison,

I am glad you are giving CBD a shot. You will find many threads on the subject should you use the Forum’s search facility.

I have been using CBD paste for nearly two years now. I have used the oil but my preference is for the paste as I find it less messy and easier to administer.

I would advise allowing time for it to work; a month’s trial at least. You are right to start off with two drops daily but I would recommend working towards three doses a day for getting the best out of CBD. You cannot overdose on it. The only tip I can offer is to make sure that you leave the oil under your tongue for at least two minutes before swallowing, so that it can work into the capillaries near the surface of your mouth.

For me the benefits have been many; the elimination of neuropathic pain, improved bladder control, improved sleep and also an improved sense of wellbeing. I hope you also find some improvements.

Best wishes,


Thanks very much Alun

I haven’t tried CDB oil but my husband has.

He feels less anxious after having used it for 6 months. One unexpected bonus is that his life long, severe allergy to cats and dogs has gone! No more panicking at friends’ houses if their pets come and say hello!

I’ve always supported smoking pot and I think there’s nothing wrong with that. I used to use CBD for medicinal purposes, but once I tried a new application method, it turned out to be much cooler. The thing is that I saw an advertisement on the store on the Internet where I could buy a cartridge with a CBD for vape and I decided to try and ordered a few oil bottles from this website. Two weeks later I tried and I really liked it. I can’t even compare this feeling with anything. I am sure that each of you will like it too.