Cbd oil and ms plus osteoarthritis

hi everyone I hope the day is treating you well.I suffer from spams also osteoarthritis so like you I have bouts of severe pain I was wondering if anyone out there could give any advice about using Cbd oil .i do take three drops of the bile one twice a day but I don’t really find much difference in my day to day pain and discomfort.Am I doing something wrong,am I taking the wrong oil or not taking enough.its too expensive to keep going with something that isn’t for any advice I would be grateful for have a good day today and a better one tomorrow xx

Hi I don’t take cbd oil but I take cannabis which is amazing for pain, I know with cbd oil you need to take 10% or over to be any good, if you take oil which as got more thc in it, it helps with pain better than just oil with cbd in saddly that not legal in England. hope this helps its awful to be in pain.

CBD oil is an extract from the hemp plant, or the cannabis plant, that primarily contains CBD. It typically contains no THC, but it may often contain other substances from the plant, including terpenes and some other cannabinoids and it is environmentally sustainable Is The CBD Industry Environmentally Sustainable? | Science 2.0. But the thing is, I am an experienced sportsman and nutritionist, and I can say that it won’t help you without proper workouts, diet, and healthy lifestyle. But if you follow it, it can really boost your sleeping quality, reduce anxiety / depression level and decrease physical pain. So, first of all, trainings, diet and sleep, then CBD oil as a good addition to your lifestyle.

If you’ve never bought CBD before, your first time searching for these products can be overwhelming. Don’t be intimidated; it’s easy if you know what you’re looking for.

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