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Sorry, I haven’t been on here for a while. I hope everyone is OK. I have just bought some CBD oil. Has anybody used it? Positive, negative, indifferent experience?



Hi Adrian, There’s an interesting and on going thread relating to CBD oil on the forum, called cannabidiol CBD that’s well worth a read. I haven’t tried the oil myself, because I am fortunate enough to have been prescribed Sativex. I really do hope it works for you though! Mx

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Ok thanks. How does Sativex work for you? Is it just for spasticity?



hi adrian i have just bought some too. from CBD brothers. can’t wait for it to arrive!


I am a fully signed up user and advocate of CBD; I cannot praise it enough.

I use two strengths of paste; one with 16% and the other 14.4% CBD content. I take a dose three times a day with good results. No more neuropathic painkillers, a better sleep pattern and improvements to bladder control, although the latter may be the result of taking a high dose of Biotin; who knows?

I have been using it for about 18 months now and I have not looked back. My mind is much more alert and I do not let stuff worry me any more. I still suffer from many MS symptoms but, at least, life is generally pain free.

I hope it works for you.

Pob hwyl,


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Hi Adrian, Sorry not getting back to you sooner. In answer to your question, Sativex was prescribed to me strictly for spasticity, but it does actually help with the pain that goes along with spasms; it also has an unexpected effect on my bladder - it actually calms it, so no more night time trips to the loo!! The downside - if there is one - is that it has a really unpleasant taste and that it leaves me feeling a little woozy and dizzy on waking, but these things quickly subside. I am, in short, a huge fan. If you are living in Wales, try approaching your neuro for a prescription. Mine had to refer me to a spasticity specialist so that I could get it, it might be the same for yourself. If you are not in Wales, Carole’s mention of the CBD Brothers is a really helpful one, and it would be a good idea to follow it. Hope this helps, Mx

Hi Alun,

Where and how did you get it from please? Also how much and do you need a script to get it please?




First of all, CBD products are legal and are easily available, even in High street shops such as Holland & Barrett. Cannabis contains both CBD and THC and the latter, which has the psychoactive effect, makes it illegal. However, NICE has approved Sativex, and this contains both THC and CBD, but it is not funded under the NHS prescription scheme, unless you live in Wales. If you are interested in trying Sativex, I would recommend that you speak to your neurologist as some hospitals have made it available under trial schemes for pain management.

Returning to CBD, I would recommend obtaining it from a supplier such as CBD Brothers, as their products have a high CBD content and are more suitable for people like us with neurological conditions.

You will see from my previous posts the products that I use. Each dose is about the length of a grain of rice (long grain), placed under the tongue and worked into the gums. I find that one 5ml tube of 14% and one 5ml tube of 16% last about two months; the two together will cost around £55 including postage.

If you are interested then I would recommend contacting the firm as they often offer free samples.

If you have any more questions please fire away.


Same here, had to go to spasticity specialist to trial Sativex.

I’ve been on it almost 2 weeks now and in all honesty it’s not having the effects that I’d hoped for.

Side effects, yes, but not so bad that I want to stop the Sativex, but no noticeable benefits with my spasticity, in fact I could suggest that my walking has become more cumbersome and heavy.

It’s like my energy has been drained, which I think could be one of the side effects, and therefor walking feels far more of a challenge, it’s like as if my legs have gone heavier, I feel shattered all over though.

This hot weather nots helping either.

I’m going to stick with the Sativex until I get my review, but I wont push for an extended trial unless I see an improvement over the next 2 weeks.

Shame really as I had high hopes for Sativex even though my MS clinic said that it’s only a very small amount of patients on their books who have had positive results with it.

Hi there, Ive started taking it and although the taste is the grossest thing ive ever tasted, after about for days, I felt a difference in the aches in my legs. It reduced enough for me to get out of bed without my walking stick, i didnt realise this until i stood up and felt so suprised lol. Next time I’ll be buying the capsules though as with the drops, I needed to cleanse my pallette with a strong brew lol. I bought mine from holland and barrett, but ive been advised CBD brothers online are very good.


Hi, I use Hemp Paste 30%…its very good and makes you feel normal and relaxed less stressed as well…from Honest CBD co have a look on their site…

Forgot to say its only £29.99 for 5ml …can last a while and very effective…dont need much put it on your tongue good value for money…

Hi, Im guessing its not strong enough to make any difference better buying your own Hemp Paste…and get results…