CBD oil

Can someone advise on where to purchase some CBD oil please I would like to try it for intermittent burning pain in my back, Gabapentin no longer works as it used to. I notice that the NHS do not prescribe cannabis it for pain.

Thank you for any information

CBD Brothers have a good reputation.

I’m currently using Hemp Cream on my very achy back!

No idea about CBD oil.

Just wanted to suggest Amitriptyline as an alternative to try. I can’t remember the last time I felt any burning in my feet and legs. I used to have some in my feet all the time and it’s intensity increased throughout the day and it would spread up my legs to around the mid thigh area.

Thank you Catwoman I have an achy back also so will look into the hemp cream

Thanks for the reply BazzaBongo, I am already on 50mg Amitrip, been on it for over 10 years gradually increased dose and presuming it’s pain reduction doesn’t work as well as it did, but thank you anyway x

I was on 50mg before my last major relapse for the burning sensation. It had the burning down to mild and just my feet That could get worse through the day. Though I kind of accepted it and had been using it as a warning of when I had done too much in a day. If it was more intense and escalated to my legs by noon instead of 8pm or later I knew I’d done too much. At which point I’d rest more that day so other things weren’t worse the following day.

After my last major relapse it was increased to 75mg for something else. Either the other thing eased greatly in remission or it worked well for that issue. I also got used to the lack of burning and stayed on the higher dose. Now I may get slightly mild burning in my feet extending to my ankle 8pm or later on bad days but on other days I don’t notice any. Can’t say I noticed any side effects from the increased dose other than I tend to fall asleep faster after taking them and sleep better which is always nice smiley

I know we are all different, but my experience with CBD oil, (£70 a go) was a big let down, I tried it for around 5 months but felt absolutely nothing.

Even the herbalist that I was buying it from told me after the third purchase to “stop wasting your money” and try the real thing (Cannabis), but I thought I would persevere.

After the CBD oil I went onto try Sativex, again not a very positive outcome.

Have you enquired about Sativex ?

Even though it did nothing for me, it might help you ?

But like I say, we are all so different, so good luck.

CBD is fantastic. I use it in oil form and in CBD flowers form and it definitely helps me a lot at times, with different issues. I use it three times a week or so now when I want to just chill and heal or settle my stress down, not as much now that I don’t commute.

Yah THC smoke is not for me, the onset is way too fast and it messes with my head way too much.

I buy from Cannatural. All the decent stuff is really expensive, unfortunately, whoever you buy from.

HI, I have use CBD oil to help me sleep it was really good but now take cannabis because I get terrible nerve and it stops the pain and then I can get a good night sleep, if you do buy some CBD oil get 10 per cent or higher

Do not use painkillers at your discretion. Some have contraindications that you may not know about. The use of medicines without a doctor’s prescription can lead to negative consequences.

Personally speaking and having knowledge of the industry:

CBD on its own without THC simply does not work.

Approved medical cannabis that is proven to help will always have a mixed ratio of both CBD & THC.

THC hits the pain points, CBC reduces the ‘high’ therefore the ‘mix ratio’ is the crucial part.

In my experience, using cannabis (in whatever form) with the correct ratio mix, suitable for my personal needs is the only thing that allows me to experience my body almost ‘ms free’ for a short period of time…no aches, pains, spasms etc.

Unfortunately, until it is made legal for suffers such as us, we are forced to turn to ‘street dealers’.
As I said above, this leads to the wrong flower strain & wrong mix.

Look at California - you speak to the assistant, explain what you require and they prescribe what ‘bud’ will work for your needs.

Plus, the government could reap the benefits in tax :man_shrugging:t2: