My take on CBD oil and Sativex is that it might help with sleeping, pain, tremors/spasms, but not in offering more mobility, but thats only my opinion and my experience with trying both for a long period of time, and in regards to the CBD oil it certainly wasn’t the weak over the counter stuff.

Sativex, and I hate saying this because I had high hopes for it, but I feel it’s just wishful thinking !!

Again though, I base this on my own experience not that of others.

At the end of the day it’s what sort of release and success your looking for.

Me, I want better mobility and walking, I get NO pain and very little spasms/tremors so I dont think CBD oil or Sativex was ever going to bring what I am looking for.

If I was having issues with pain, sleeping, mood, spasms ect then yes perhaps CBD oil & Sativex is the way to go ?

Well, I have ordered one CBD Armour soap lately. And it’s so good! Now i’m thinking of CBD Gummies for my insomnia.