Cannabis linked medication

Hello I’m wondering if any of you live among enlightened PCTs and have benefitted or otherwise from Cannabis based medication. Interested in all experienced good and bad. Where we live the MS specialists refuse to consider prescribing which means there is no pressure on the PCT. My daughter has been researching the medical benefits for years and really believes it could change her life. Thanks in advance for any replies.

Hi Echo,

As well as anyone else here…

I recently asked, elsewhere, if any advice on CBD was known, as the shops around here seemed only to want to make some money from the ability to sell and it’s legal, rather than knowing anything other than its twenty quid, etc…, than knowing if it’s of any use, or anything about MS (what’s that?).

Oh yeah, it’s for an e-cig.



Hi, I take cannabis and cbd oil, for me it is amazing for nerve pain and to help me sleep.

forgot to say if you buy the cbd oil make sure you buy 10% or above in strength.

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I was first prescribed a cannabis spray last November and I give it a try, a couple of sprays three times a day and I didn’t feel any benefit at all and it left a terrible taste in my mouth spoiling my appetite so I gave up on it. A month ago I thought I would give it another try but this time just two sprays underneath my tongue when I’m in bed and I’ve got to say that I think I am benefiting in that I am not having as many irritating little spasms as I used to although I’m still troubled by the occasional super knee-jerk where I nearly break my chin (a bit of an exaggeration there…) However, I do feel like I’m sleeping better which is a definite plus. It was prescribed through the MS clinic and I am being monitored for my reaction though initially I give it a thumbs down, however I now think it is well worth persevering - despite the taste! Stephen

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Thank you both for your comments I’ll try the (above 10%) oil and see what my MS Nurse suggests, after…